Monday, May 26, 2008

Foodcam, TT, Mog

Today I am sore everywhere and I can only blame the Turbulence Training bodyweight 750, which was yesterdays workout du jour. It starts with 100 jumping jacks, and it finishes with 50 squats... followed by 100 jumping jacks. In between there are another 500 reps of various exercises designed to bust the flab and get me fit. I can use some of that. I'm holding close my L-Glutamine pot today and, with a steady intake, I even managed another workout tonight. I'm feeling a bit serious about getting more fitness and less fatness. It seems that the sight of my tummy escaping over my pants in Salsa class was highly motivating. And now for some.....
Tonights effort is a basic stirfry with the addition of pineapple. I cooked the onions first then added the meat with some tumeric powder. Then the rest of the veges, sprinkled in some peri-peri hot sauce and a little soy sauce and it was good to go. The pineapple adds a bit of that 'acid' taste that rounds out the flavours and I also used a little pineapple juice to cut the amount of oil that was necessary. See all the pretty colours? That's nature indicating that this food is full of phytochemicals. Pretty = good for you.

In other news at casa Sara, I think I have a new cat. This cat turned up about a month ago and seems.. reluctant to leave. In fact it has not left, except to do a few essential cat things. It's an 'indoors' sort of cat.

We already have two cats, which seem to get on with the new guy/girl, but this one gives way more love than the other two (who specialise in aloofness) and is very endearing. See how it's sitting on my laptop case at my feet while I'm working? In the mornings it sits beside me and 'talks' to me and puts it's paw on my arm if I am not responding. I'm sure it must have a home, because it looks quite well-fed, but it also has had a few issues like it turned up with a broken tail (bent at the end, which has healed nice and straight) and it acts very scared if you move toward it quickly, so I wonder if it wasn't very well cared for and decided to move on. We have started referring to it as 'Mog' and just this week we put out a third food bowl, which could be a sign of ... something. We had been giving it just a few cat nuts on the floor.. you know, to send the 'you don't live here' message and yet let the other two eat in peace. I will do the decent thing and make some flyers to post in letterboxes around the neighbourhood, just in case it's a pet. Also, knowing cats, Mog is just as likely to just move out one day. That's what I like about cats, you never really own one.


  1. "Mog" is very cute... I almost want one... I say ALMOST cos I don't even like cats! But since we gave Izzy to Anne I have kinda missed having a pet... and fish and birds just don't 'do it' eh? Wonder if I am going to cave in and visit the SPCA???

  2. I'm taking my Sana L-glutamine religiously this week.... my program seems to be designed to do some serious hurting!

  3. Mog is awesome. It probably is time to figure out if Mog is a he or she... just have a wee peak under his/her tail!


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