Saturday, May 03, 2008

Eek! Cars and Lasagne

My Grandparents have erected this sign in their driveway...
I hope it's not my driving they are concerned about!

My car has been unwarranted since February. I have no excuse, except perhaps rising food prices and a feeling that it would almost certainly fail to make the grade. Today I decided that I could not procrastinate any longer and I headed off to the warrant cafe, where my car did indeed flunk the test. Winter officially started two days ago and the weather has taken this as permission to turn on the rain and hail. I had been planning to wander around the shops while my car failed its warrant test, but I was underwhelmed by the freezing temperatures and so positioned myself with a free espresso and a view of the warrant testing bay. I grabbed a newspaper to catch up on the gossip and had been reading for at least 15 minutes when I realised that I was actually reading a small print newspaper and seeing every letter crisply. This made me so happy that I almost cried, but not quite - perhaps my under-responsive tear ducts weren't on their game just at that moment. I did sit there grinning stupidly though. I'm sure some people might have thought me a bit odd to be getting such a thrill out of reading the news and watching mechanics inspect the underside of my car with a torch.

Last night was not so good, however. It was bucketing with rain and I was driving to my sisters house for dinner. The combination of heavy rain, darkness, lights, glare and tired eyes was intensely difficult and my distance perception was wack. I nearly had a major accident because I pulled out in front of a car that had looked like it was much further away. In fact it was almost on top of me and I'm sure there was bad language in the other vehicle. As if that wasn't bad enough, I did the same thing when entering the supermarket carpark. F**k. This distance perception thing is something that the Lasik clinic mentioned could happen but so far I only noticed it once.. well, twice actually. I poured some wine and missed the glass completely. I cleaned that up and then proceeded to amuse Jase with a repeat performance. Apparently I was pouring into a phantom glass that was a good 10cms further from myself than the real glass. Ok, so I've adjusted to the day to day things but obviously need to be way more careful with driving in challenging conditions. I got to my sisters house safely by taking a convoluted route where every intersection is controlled by traffic lights. I was feeling a bit shaky and 'may' have had a few too many wines, leading on to rather a lot of Lasagne. Actually, it would be fair to say that I stuffed myself *oink*. Today I woke up feeling rather carbed-over and was glad that it's an Eat-Stop-Eat day. I fasted until 4pm, had a healthy snack and have a lean beef and buckwheat thingy planned for dinner. Tomorrow I complete my first week on the Turbulence Training Bodyweight 1000, which is a little bit different to anything I've done before. It's a six week program, training three days a week. The first two workouts do involve weights and they are a sort of 'set up' for the main event which is your weekly bodyweight challenge. The bodyweight challenges are different for each week and get progressively harder. I'm feeling a bit nervous about what's in store and have been too scared to have more than a quick glance at weeks 4,5 and 6! I'm sure I'll be just fine (did that sound sincere?)

Edit: I totally don't know why the font sizes in this post are so weird. I spent ages trying to fix it.. maybe there is a solar flare or something.


  1. Yikes! Be CAREFUL behind the wheel. Maybe rethink the driving at night thing for a short while....

    I mean, if you were lying in hospital in traction, I'd be obliged to send more curative chocs from Koko Black. Take pity on my wallet.Please.

  2. I was intending to give you a big cyber hug and wahooo!!! when I read the first part of your blog but then... To be honest I have not experienced the distance thing when driving - or if I have I have not noticed it happening. Perhaps if I took the time to look behind me sometimes when driving I might see a trail of devastation behind me. Rather not know. I don't drive much at night and when I do it is not an overly complicated route home. I do find glare a bit of a problem, especially at night when I am tired.

    Just keep reminding yourself that it is early days, your eyes have gone through quite a bit of trauma and they need time to settle and heal.


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