Thursday, May 08, 2008

Eat Stop Eat

Yesterday I over-indulged at lunchtime. Well, it was a late lunch - about 2.30pm and I did not resist the chocolate fudge, because it was irrestistable and I'm not responsible for my actions under such temptation. Everything else was healthy.. you know, standard fitness fare - lean mean, veges, fruit.. mm and pizza (it was a thin crust). I felt really full afterward and decided to start my fast early. So, I Eat-Stop-Eat fasted from 3pm yesterday until 12noon today and was not hungry at all until about 11am today. I find a 20 hour fast (or in this case 21 hours) easier to manage than a 24 hour fast and it achieves my objective of creating a calorie deficit without tedious diet days. As the Otago University just reported in their brand spanking new study. Diets don't work. They conclude that long term fatloss requires longterm lifestyle adjustment. See, we do all the worthwhile research over here in NZ.

Starting a fast in the afternoon works for me, physiologically, but in terms of lifestyle it probably won't be something that I do very often. I haven't discussed my intermittent fasting with Jase or any family members because they might freak out and think that I've developed anorexia or something. It's pretty easy to start a fast after dinner and break it with a late lunch the next day without anyone noticing. Skipping dinner is a bit more obvious and I'm unlikely to get away with claiming a lack of hunger - Jase knows that this has never happened, not even in case of kidney disease, appendicitis or campylobacter. My appetite is undeterred in the face of just about anything. It's fearless.

On Monday I will step lightly onto the scales to see how I'm doing and will also pack my metaphorical bags and embark on my BREAKTHROUGH Challenge expedition. Wooohoooties!


  1. Hmmm, I too do fasts.. not too often but they are really good at clearing the head and body. I usually do 24 hours starting in the morning... I am always amazed at how clear my head it after a few hours of no food.

  2. Anonymous8:00 am

    Hi Sana! I found you through Skwigg.

    That's so funny -- I hide the fact that I'm fasting from my BF too. I know full well that I'll be told I'm crazy and it's a bad idea not to eat and blah blah blah.
    It's hard enough to get him to agree that Interval Cardio is actually a better method of fat loss... never mind cutting out food for 24 hours.

    At least I'm not alone!


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