Sunday, May 18, 2008

Breakthrough Challenge, Day 7 of 84

This week has involved some crazy working hours and child-minding, including both days this weekend, but I've managed to get away early today (it's 3pm now). I just need to get my bodyweight challenge completed for the week and I'm all signed off and can give myself an A+ for effort and a B+ for performance due to one very bad eating day on day 4.

Yesterday, while minding the niece, we went to a fitness gear wholesale expo. Some local company has imported a bunch of really good quality fitness equipment and was selling it off at the big raceway venue. It was really good fun, lots of opportunities to try the gear and I hogged the vibration training for a good 15 minutes. I don't know what it's supposed to do, but my legs felt all warm and springy afterward, like everything had been deeply massaged, including the bones. There were two huge trampolines with high safety nets for the kids to play on and our niece was in her element body slamming the boys. She looks like the sweetest little girl, blonde, blue eyes, very cute, but at heart she is a tomboy and a daredevil. When I put her in there, the other parents (aunties, whatever) were all concerned and warned me that the boys were a 'bit rough' but it immediately became obvious that there was nothing to worry about. I did the child-watching and Jase did the spending. We now have a weight tree (for our plates which usually just lie around the floor, at a good level to stub your toe on) and a nice, adjustable bench. I also got a 7kg medicine ball. I was lusting after a cross-trainer, but refrained for the sake of my budget. We are slowly turning the garage into a gym. There is a squat rack in there already and my 'power tower', which has a pullup bar, tricep dip station and a few other attachments like grips for pushups.

Day 5 I did a little reality check and decided to really clean up my nutrition. It's time to cut back the chocolate consumption and, after three days of completely clean eating, I'm feeling really good. Yesterdays eating was:

1. Oatwhites (oats and eggwhites) with berries
2. Leftover beef and buckwheat vindaloo with a sprinkling of roasted chickpeas
3. Apple and 1/2 protein cookie
4. Pumpkin cubes, cottage cheese, almonds
5. raw carrots, string cheese stick, chickpeas
6. Grilled lamb and chicken, salad, tzatziki sauce, chili sauce, olives. Glass of wine (yes, just one)

10g omega 3 fish oil.

I'm sure I'll have days when it all goes sideways, but I'm feeling confident that consistency will get my the results I want. I did not do a fast this weekend because I had the niece with me at most mealtimes. Maybe it's not really necessary but I'm trying to help install some healthy habits into her and like to have proper sit down meals, where we all eat together. Once I was fasting and she refused to eat her breakfast until I was sitting down with her. She was getting a bit upset that I might be sick, so I decided not to fast that day. I know that heaps of parents do the fasts, so I'd be interested to know how you handle it. I know for sure that it's not a good idea for the girl to skip breakfast. I've seen the inner demon child that comes out after a few hours unfed.

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