Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Breaking through!

Those of you paying close attention will realise that I've just started my Turbulence Training Breakthrough Challenge. With true competitive spirit I embarked on a one day fattening up campaign so that I'd be all bloated for my before shot. Then I hitched my shorts up to the fattest part so that I got a decent amount of overhang. I just saw the photo's and I do indeed look both pasty and fat, which are the two main requirements for a 'before' pic. Success!
Will I be posting those here on my blog?? Maybe, but only once I've got an 'after' pic that I'm proud of, otherwise you'll just have nightmares.

I'm on day three and so far I've not managed a single training session. Well, I did have a lot of incidental activity. On day one I did about 400 squats while I was picking up bottles from low crates and putting them on the labelling machine. I don't usually work in production, but it was an emergency order that was finished at midnight and on a plane at 7am the next day, so it was a case of all hands on deck. Now I know why none of our production staff are fat. Day two I walked up a hill carrying a 15kg weight. I was called upon for Aunty duty at short notice and the niece decided that she wanted to go for a long walk to feed the ducks because "it's winter Aunty Sara, and the ducks are cold and hungry". I guess they are learning about winter at pre-school. I did not have a jacket for her so I put her in one of my fleecy hooded tops which came down to her knees. Then I rolled up the sleeves and secured the hood on her head and the whole effect was cute overload. On the way back we had a tantrum at the bottom of the hill because her legs were tired and I, being superwoman, was expected to cart the toddler and all her finds up the hill. The findings were all sorts of things that she discovered along the path, including, but not limited to, a large toy motorbike with the back wheel missing. I'm too soft.

Today is my mums wedding anniversary AND her husbands birthday but I am determined to squeeze in the Bodyweight 1000 Workout A before I go to their celebration dinner. Last challenge I counted calories. I entered my food into a spreadsheet every single day and now, after all that effort designing my spreadsheet and weighing my chickpeas, I find I just do not care about that anymore. I'm sooooo over it, plus I know what to eat and what a regular day should look like, feel like. I'm in tune with my calories. I can sit down and in 5 minutes write down a days eating that would equal almost exactly 1700 calories, or 2000 or 1300 or whatever. I tested myself and was only 20 calories out. This challenge I am eating 'Meditteranean' style - lots of fruit and veg, low GI carbs, lean protein, good fats, yogurt, spices, some red wine and chocolate. I'll also be continuing my Eat-Stop-Eat mini-fasts once or twice a week. This new approach has made my meals more interesting already. I can throw in a few nuts, crumble a little feta cheese, drizzle some olive oil, take a few bites of something without having to use up valuable brain space trying to figure out if the piece of feta I just squeezed off the block is 10g or 20g, and is that brand of feta similar in calories and fat to the one that I usually use? I am going to weigh myself a bit more regularly though, because I know also that I do tend to get a bit lax with the cheese and red wine if I don't have some form of accountability. I'll keep you all posted with my progress.

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  1. You TESTED yourself?

    Bwahaha! You're hilarious. Cute, but hilarious.


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