Thursday, May 29, 2008

Birthday part 3

So.. right there in the middle of my birthday celebrations part #3 of 4 (Tango, Morroccan restaurant, tonights 'surprise' party at Grandmas, Saturday nights fancy dress party) the phone rings and it's my ex-boyfriend from about 10 years ago, whom I last saw about 7 years ago and it was a pretty friendly parting, as these things go, but for hime to call out of the blue? More than odd. As you can imagine, the whole room went quiet and my sister not-so-surreptitiously went outside for a cigarette and managed to stand with her ear pretty much against the window beside where the phone is attached to the wall (subtle...). After apologising profusely for bothering me, he explained that he was simply going crazy for company and could I possibly visit him, with Jase in tow if that would make both of us ok with it? Christchurch has a very good spinal unit and that's where he has been for five weeks, with at least another 12 to go since he became paralysed 5 weeks ago when he fell off a roof. I'm the only person he knows that lives in Christchurch and his family have to fly in and can only make it every two weeks. I'm a bit weirded out but at the same time I realise that sometimes it's healthy and right to go out of your comfort zone in order to help someone that is going through something traumatic. Plus, in my mind this probably fits into the 'meant to be' category, with the whole freaky timing of catching me at the only number he had that was related to me (my Grandparents). Jase is cool with it, well he said 'I'd have to be a complete bastard if I had a problem with it'. Maybe true, but still, what a guy. ;)

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