Monday, April 28, 2008

Yep.. Monday...uh huh...

This morning I flounced into the office to be met by a) 20% of the staff (and a blinking answerphone that contained messages from the absent 80% - all variations on the theme of 'I'm sick/dying/medically unfit) and b) a huge mess all over the the office floor. That's when I remembered that I totally neglected to blog about the main even of the weekend. This behaviour of holding back juicy stories from the blog readers just can't and shouldn't be tolerated.

Over the weekend.. well, at precisely 12.05pm on Friday night/ Saturday morning, an assplug and his/her assplugs accomplice jimmied the door at the factory and made off with a laptop computer and, of all things, a digital telephone. I've checked and there is nothing else missing. I can see exactly what happened. They made their quiet break in (with what appears to be a crowbar), the alarm went off, so they sprinted for the only visible computer, in fact the only computer in the office - left there by my sister as an oversight, grabbed it, the phone next to it and the power cable (forward thinking, even with the alarm blaring) and took off, managing to knock over an astounding amount of files and trays on the way out. Meh, stupid crims. that PC is an unbelievably dodgy, ancient, quirky beast. It's the slowest laptop on the planet and, just for fun, it has taken to bluescreening and doing something called a 'memory dump'. Still there is the usual emotional attachment to irreplaceable files like photographs and little videos of the niece, and the sense of violation and the annoyance of having to re-do quite a bit of work - financial forecasts and so on, not a quick job. The silver lining is... new laptop. ;) New stuff is always good, and I'm 85% sure this will cure my sister of her tendency to leave her laptop in the office overnight.

And now for some 'housekeeping'. Gina, if you are reading this, I tried to reply to your email but it keeps bouncing. Something odd going on with the server at your end. Do you have another email address I culd use?

New eyes update. How cool is it when you open the oven to check on your butter chicken and your glasses don't fog up???? I can't even think of a superlative that would do. Maybe.. 'it's sweeeeet'. Oh, I rubbed my eye without thinking and nothing bad happened. Everything stayed put, the corneal flap must be stuck down tighter than a nuns undies. Still typing with my eyes shut.. 'scuse typos.


  1. Good deal Sara your eyes are recovered from the surgery...You look better without the glasses anyway - so that was a good decision to go Lasik...

  2. ahh, the blue screen of death! happened to me and i lost a bunch of pics too. boo! had to get a new hard drive for my LT.

    BAHAHAH! tighter than a nuns undies... must remember that one - tee!

  3. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Sara I sent you an alternate email address. Let me know if you receive it. ~Gina


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