Saturday, April 19, 2008

The windows of my soul?

Gee.. I really need to tidy those bushy eyebrows. Wait.. bushy is in this season? Or is it out? Someone had better let me know. I'd hate to have eyebrows that were fashion backward, now that they can actually be seen.

Today.. well, I'm a bit cranky because my eyes are kind of itchy and my vision is a bit random. I think there's improvement and then I think not. In fact it's best not to speak to me today but Kek says she has just the thing for sore eyes Maybe a picture of Keanu reeves naked?

Turbulence Training Breathrough Challengers. Please email me if you want to be involved. I have some names on the list that I do not have email addresses for. I sent out an email today with possible pics for our logo. If you didn't get it, that means I don't have your email address so email me pronto! We are kicking off on the 5th May for 12 weeks of mutual butt kicking and back-patting. In terms of participation, there is no pressure to do anything more than just what is usually expected in a TT 12 week challenge. The idea is for us all to display our logo and then just go ahead and excel at getting fit and fab while supporting each others efforts and easing each other through the inevitable challenging times. For example, if you have an unplanned cereal incident, we will all be there to haul you back on the wagon. And, if you manage a full pull-up, unassisted, we will all give a round of woohoos and go hard to try and do TWO pull-ups. Or something like that.

Today I printed a heap of TT programs to peruse. I'm going to be focusing on circuits and bodyweight exercises, probably starting on Monday with the 6 week Bodyweight 1000 and continuing that for the first 4 weeks of the Breakthrough Challenge.

In other news, our young neighbours that like to get drunk and argue have a couple of young cats and I'm pretty sure that one of them is planning to drop kittens in our garage. I noticed today that she is enormous in the belly and has made a little area on some old clothes. I don't mind so much that the cat practically lives with us, but I suppose I'd better give the neighbours a little talk about how to prevent this kitten explosion happening every year. Maybe I'll just have to sneak it away to get fixed. I'd rather pay for that than have to deal with a litter of unwanted kittens every year. Last time I talked to our neighbours was when I had to go and ask them if they had perhaps backed into my car seeing as there was a huge dent in my car and a corresponding smudge of silver paint on the back of their car. They said, oops, yes that was us.. we know someone who'll fix that blah, blah... and then nothing. I've let it slide because... I don't want a confrontation and have better things to focus my energies on. That'll be three visits from their dragon neighbour. 1. They had a party that shook the windows of our house so I paid them an early visit the next day to let them know that this had better not happen every weekend. 2. the car 3. "your cat just had kittens in our garage, are you going to get your cats fixed?". I'm sure they will run away when they see me coming!


  1. Keanu Reeves naked....mmm, nup! You'll just have to wait for the postman.

  2. Ooo, now I'm totally perked up.

    BTW, I intend to come to Aus for your competition. Started saving for it and everything.

  3. WOOHOOOO!! Excellent...oh wait. Just what I need, more people in the audience that I know. No pressure or anything......


    You'll love your present. It will definitely help you get better quick. That's all I'm saying. My lips are sealed.

    *clamps both hands over (big) mouth*

  4. By the way, your eyes look GOOD. I thought they'd be, like, glowing red devil-eyes or something.

    Be patient with the vision thing. It takes time, ya know.

  5. I'm glad it all went well Sara. I had a different process with a week off and the feeling of glass in my eyes for days, and I couldn't see! You're doing great and you'll love how easy things are without the glasses. :) You're vision will settle down soon - it does vary now and then for a little bit.

  6. Thanks MTB. You have PRK, right? Hey, when are you going to get a blog going so we can get on there and comment?

  7. Hehehe....I don't want a blog!

    Yep, I think it was PRK...they keep changing the names. I had a couple of freak outs the same as yours. It does get better :) I'm still using drops, but not as much as at first.


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