Sunday, April 13, 2008

What does 3 lbs look like?

Here are my pics from the Turbulence Training 12 week challenge that I have just completed. I dropped from 27% to 25% bodyfat and I feel really pleased because, along the way, I've really gotten a grip on how I need to eat long term. I'm not much into posting pics of myself wearing not much, so consider yourselves privileged! 3lbs (about 1.4kg) really isn't what you would call a 'dramatic' result, but I've lost a lot of cms on waist and thighs. What I like about this challenge I just did is that I did nothing crazy. This is 'average'. This is not one of those 'results shown are exceptional' things. This is what anyone can do with a little consistency, frequent diet cheats, frequent short training sessions and an otherwise hectic life.

Next up I have a very full on couple of weeks, with Lasik surgery right in the middle of it. I think I'll be taking at least a week off training to recover from that and minimise the risk of doing anything to disturb the 'corneal flap'. BTW I'm still completely freaking out about it and have considered cancelling several times a day for the last three days. It did not help that I went googling and came across a forum full of lasik disaster cases. This forum was actually started by a big American lasik clinic so that people could post their experiences in a spirit of sharing and caring. Instead they got an influx of complaints and scary stories that did not come from people they had treated! I think that the people with issues had nowhere else to go and offloaded en masse onto the one forum they did find. Anyway.. reading that forum was a really bad idea - a bit like watching those airline disaster doco's right before a plane journey. Also, I said to Jase 'well, this is the NASA approved method of all-laser lasik', and he said 'like the space shuttles... '. So - very - reassuring.

Ok, I kept you in suspense for long enough. Did anyone actually read this post, or did you just look at the pics?


  1. you look great! very streamlined through the stomach, waist, hips, thighs. obviously far more going on beneath the skin than just the 3 lb weight loss on the scale! thanks for sharing!

  2. Your butt looks good. Err...that probably came out wrong. *moves right along*

    Definitely less soft bits, more definition. Good job - especially given that food was a bit challenging.

  3. I was going to say the same as Kek! Great butt, hee hee!

    And yes, you look even more svelte and foxy, congrats on all your hard work :)

  4. Yeah, Jase kept pointing that out when he was taking the pics.. only, yet again, his choice of words ('your butt really sticks out') was not diplomatic. It's because my thighs have slimmed considerably (about 5cms each) and also TT really works that butt, as does my back rehab work.. and Salsa dancing. If I keep this up, maybe I'll be the next J-Lo!

    Thanks for your cheerleading. I appreciate you girls heaps. If you were hear I'd take you to the 'Champagne cafe' I found yesterday. It's amazing.

  5. Only 1.4kg?! Well done!

  6. Bravo, bravo! How awesome! And this time it'll STAY off. You really have to get those mental and emotional ducks in a row before any life-long permanent change. Thanks for blogging not just about nutrition and fitness, but about all the BRAIN BAGGAGE that can come with that. You look awesome!

  7. Did someone say champagne?

    *runs off to check for cheap NZ flights...*


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