Wednesday, April 02, 2008

W11, D3 - OUCHY!

Turbulence Training challenge – WEEK 11, DAY 3

TT Feb ’08 circuit
Workout B

What can I say? ALWAYS warm up, even if you are busy and have been running around ‘doing stuff’. The first exercise in Workout B is the split squat and I pulled a muscle, it feels like the ilio-tibial band area, right leg. Quite painful but I’m sure not serious. I felt it happen and said a very bad word in front of my niece. I think she's too young to understand it but she looked at me with an 'ooo a new word' expression. Please, if there is a god, don't let her repeat it in front of her mother! I had to rejig Workout B significantly as it is quite quad dominant. I actually stopped the workout and was going to just fall into a mood and give it a miss, but then I decided to skip the drama and just work around it, focusing on hamstrings and upper body. I had to replace the split squats, burpees and one-legged deadlift and do the hamstring curls with both legs instead of one. Still a good workout, let’s see how that leg feels tomorrow! Needless to say, no cardio. I tried the bike and a run and both hurt in a bad way. I could cry with this happening so close to the end of my TT challenge. I'll try to be brave.

I’ve become quite relaxed about the fact that sometimes I am just going to eat off-plan and that’s just the way I eat. Mid afternoon I was feeling really hungry and ate a cottage pie (potato top thing) and also got a caramel slice. One bite of that caramel slice and I knew that it wasn’t a really super good caramel slice and not worth blowing all those calories on. I could leave it. The pie was awesome. I compensated (a term I picked up from ‘French Women don’t get Fat’) with a light dinner and the day came out fine.
1. Oatwhites with fresh blueberries, erythritol
2. 5 x Omega 3 fish oil caps
3. Pumpkin and leek quiche, tsp oil dressing, slice of parmesan, salad, pumpkin cubes. My grandmothers pumpkin patch has gone ballistic with tens of huge pumpkins. I’ll be wide open for your pumpkin recipes, ok? Has anyone got a healthy pumpkin pie recipe that actually tastes more like pie than like pumpkin? Please share, don't hold back.
4. Cottage pie, ½ choc caramel slice, apple
5. Grilled fish, roasted pumpkin, salad

Calories: 1680
P: 28%
C: 45%
F: 27%

Water: 3L
10g omega 3 oil



    Pumpkin....I have a couple on my blog - the Thai-style soup (I may have used sweet potato, but pumpkin works just as well) and the salad-y thing.

    I also made a great curry last night - it needs work before it's blog-worthy, but I'll email you the recipe and you can play with it.

  2. Aren't you supposed to be on holiday or something?

  3. Hello, could you please tell me what oatwhites are? I'm sort of guessing beaten egg whites with oats added, then made into pancakes? Regards, Marie

  4. I get asked the 'what are oatwhites' question a lot and keep putting the recipe in comments. I will make a post tomorrow about oatwhites. :O)


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