Sunday, April 06, 2008

Upcoming excitement in the life of Sara

Tomorrow I have an MRI scan on my lower back and SI joint, so it's two scans and I'll be in the machine for one hour. One hour? I have to lie motionless in a noisy claustrophobia-inducing tube for one hour? :O/
It will be worth it to see what is really going on down there in the still painful area.

April 16th I have my Lasik surgery, and out of the two, this is the one that is freaking me out (just a little). I'm having the usual paranoia.. what if it doesn't work? what if I'm that very special person that this well proven procedure completely fails for? What if I have a complete meltdown? What if I twitch at the crucial moment? what if my eyeball explodes?
My sister has had Lasik and her doctor has a tic. A serious tic that involves the head and arm - it must be some medical condition. Apparently this does not happen when he is performing surgery.


  1. The MRI isn't so don't have to lie still for the whole time, they'll give you little breaks so you can twitch or scratch or whatever.

    The noise, however, is a whole other thing..... Try to be sleep-deprived. Then you might actually nod off (I did). :o)

  2. I AM sleep deprived today. For once this is a good thing?


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