Friday, April 25, 2008


Don't you just hate it when you head all gung-ho into a some new training only to be struck down by a lurgy? I can't even properly update you on the progress of my newly Lasiked vision because my nose is so stuffed up that I'm not sure I'd be seeing clearly even if I hadn't been recently acquainted with the intralase wavelight cornea reshaping thingy. I have noticed though that it's becoming easier to focus when I concentrate. Imagine that for 31 years my eyes have not really had to work to focus on anything. Now my eyes have a similar focusing power to a normal person and I suppose the eye muscles have to learn some new tricks, plus there is probably some swelling. So I was looking at things as I was driving today and noticed that I could bring a blurry thing (say, a street sign) into pretty good focus just by 'trying to'. This is a completely new experience for me. You guys have probably been doing it all your life and don't even know you do it!

So, it's a sore throat, runny nose sort of thing that seems to have quickly progressed on to the snotty phase which is usually the last phase of this sort of cold. I am not a great believer in training when ill. I'm more of the moping around, staying warm, resting and waiting it out school of thought. Plus today, there is a lot to think about because it's ANZAC day. ANZAC day commemorates the sacrifices of the New Zealand and Australian military persons (male and female) that have lost their lives in war. It is held on the day that the ANZACs landed in Gallipoli, Turkey in 1915. Ten thousand kiwis and aussies lost their lives in the Gallipoli campaign but it still stands as an important event, where New Zealand and Australia were recognised as having made a significant military contribution in their own right, rather than being considered merely as a small part of the 'British Empire'. ANZAC day started out as being commemorative of the sacrifices at Gallipoli, but now it is a day to remember all lives lost in both wars (among whom, my Grandads older brother, Jim) and it is a very well respected day here in NZ. Shops that openly flaunt the Good Friday trading restrictions over Easter seem to have no issues with staying closed until after lunchtime on ANZAC day. It's terrible that so many have died in war (and of course, continue to die all over the world) but it's good to remember it well and it certainly makes me feel like a wuss for getting all down about some expensive Lasik surgery and a snot nose.


  1. Ooh, you changed your header.... nice!

    I've just been feeling a bit sad all day - ANZAC Day always does that to me. :o(

    Hope your pressie arrives soon. It'll cure your cold too, honest! :o)

  2. Aw thanks. Changing that header was an all day operation! I followed your instructions but still it was not so easy. I'm using the older template that does not have the 'page elements' tab for ease of editing. I don't want to upgrade cos then I have to start from scratch.
    Yes, I sometimes think about Grandads brother Jim. He was the artistic redhead brother and the other two still miss him!

  3. My Grandpa was an anti-aircraft gunner in New Guinea in WWII. He never talked about it, he was a great Grandpa, loving and lots of fun .....but there was just this hint of sadness about him.

    Blogger is a bastard.

    I'm having a lovely time cruising around the Vic High Country wineries and gourmet foodie places.... might never come back. :p

  4. Hope you get through your lurgy quicker than mine! Mine's been hanging around for 2 weeks now... and I now feel as though I may just be able to do a proper workout again this week.
    My Granddad was at Gallipolli - he got a bullet in the knee.


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