Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oatwhites (yummy!)

OATWHITES are oats and eggwhites. You 'can' in theory cook these in a pot but I tried it twice. Once I spent about half an hour getting that pot clean again (excellent exercise for the triceps though!). The second time I threw the pot away because it set like wallpaper glue. So now I nuke them it the bowl I will eat from. You can also make a pancake in a non-stick pan with a little oil to cook them or even pour the oatwhite 'raw mix' into silicone muffin tins and make muffins. The important thing is to put your own style into it. I like to add cinnamon, berries, banana, grated apple, yogurt, sprinkle erythritol.. any combination of those works for me. Here followeth the technique for making bowl oatwhites:

Soak oats overnight. If you have neglected to do this, no problem, just pre-nuke them with enough water to just cover them for two minutes.

Add your eggwhites and stir well. I use three or four eggwhites. Give the yolks to your cat or your grandma (mine makes horrifically calorific sponges with egg yolks). Or you can condition your hair with them. Or pour them down the drain. If you get a blocked drain, I warn you, you will have to leave town to escape the smell. But, I digress.

Nuke for one and a half minutes, stir again, nuke for one minute. This should be about right but will vary depending on your microwave power.

Add condiments and consume. So easy. Sometimes I eat half in the morning and pack half for later in the day.

Look, I've had so many 'double yolkers' lately (twins!). Also there is always a feather in my eco-eggs. I think they add a feather to every box for authenticity - sometimes it's even stuck to an egg with chook poo. That's good marketing. It's just like you went and collected the eggs yourself.

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