Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My special one

One thing I never considered, before becoming an Aunty, was how much my behaviours would regress to childhood just by being around a child. I took her to a bookshop the other day and she found a book called 'Walter the Farting Dog' (seriously). Although it was an intriguing book, with a riveting storyline, I was doing my best to get her to swap it for something that wouldn't get me in trouble, like fairy princesses or ponies. I went to take it from her and she clasped it to her chest, put a painfully earnest expression on her small face and said, with complete sincerity 'but this is my special one.' Gah! How do you compete with that?? I'm such a pushover. The girl has learned that tantrums don't work and now she has developed superior manipulation skills. It's really quite fightening.

So, you'll understand my behaviour when Jase walked in bearing a package for me, from Kek, who knows me very well and is obviously karmically connected to my deeper soul. I bounced around a bit, grabbed the parcel, clasped it to myself, whispered 'my special ones' and hid it somewhere very private. 

What was it? Only a box of the best chocolates in the universe from Koko Black. As I've moved away from compulsive eating and toward a more relaxed and aware attitude with food, I have become a real snob with treats. If I'm going to eat a calorie bomb it had better be well worth those calories. Those carefully crafted calories had better be more than fantastic and be placed into their box by polite ladies wearing velvet gloves, like at Koko Black. 

Has anyone here seen 'Ratatouille'? I'm like the food critic... "If I don't love it, I don't.. sssswallow'. My special chocolates also came with instructions to eat one a day for he best curative effect. It's working! My vision is improving daily. I really think that it's to do with my eye muscles doing something new. Like any muscle, they ache when learning a new movement and get weak when fatigued. Today I was practicing and got really good long distance vision, which temporarily caused my short distance vision to crap out. The change of pace, from looking at close things, to mid-distance, to long distance takes a little bit of adjustment - about 15 minutes. I can actually get good vision at any distance but not quickly and when I'm tired it all goes slightly fuzzy. However, it's all quite promising and I've still got four chocolates to go. I'm saving the walnut one (my very special one) for last.


  1. It's definitely the chocolate! TOLD you they'd make your eyes all better. :o)

    Good thing you could even READ the instructions, because I called at the post office on my way back from the gym, and wrote on the card just before sending the precious ones on their way. And of course, I don't take my reading glasses to the gym, do I? Apologies for the horrible scrawl!

    Glad you loved them - funny, I somehow knew you would.


  2. Anonymous11:07 pm

    I am not even a chocolate fan and the walnut one looks yum ;-)

  3. We just checked out Walter the Farting Dog from the library yesterday. I KID YOU NOT!!! I thought it'd be a good book for daddy to read to Ethan. ;)

  4. Jeez, so how long does it take till your eyes are right? I thought you could see right away after they do the thing???

  5. Chocolate is magical!

    I've been reading your progress since your surgery and am finding fascinating... eye surgery is something that I've wanted for the past couple of years, but due to cost (bought my first house last year), timing (no impact sports for 8 weeks??!!?!?) and general scardy-cat-iness I haven't.

    I'm gald things are going so well!

  6. Heh, Sara, it's a VERY odd story. I had to re-invent parts of it as I was reading. A criminal attaches the dog to a fart machine and uses the farts (stored in balloons) to rob a bank. I mean...

    I was not really prepared for the Lasik recovery time either. I thought I'd be great in just a few days but it's taking much longer. The procedure it'self is not something to be scardy of Loey! That's the easy part, plus they have 'relaxing drugs' to make it easy peasy. The recovery has been a bit of a bitch, but I'm two weeks out now and improving rapidly. I'll blog about that later today.

    Maybe I need to write a post on the various phenols in chocolate. It's full of good stuff.. and bad stuff. It's a balanced food. *nods head emphatically*


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