Monday, April 21, 2008

Hot Stock Tip

Buy shares in Allergan. Refresh Plus is my new best friend and that is probably the case with every one of the several million people that have had Lasik. They are onto a winner. I've spent more on this stuff in two days than I spent on contact lens solution in 6 months! I also bought a pricey box of Theratears gel, but I didn't like it, in spite of the rave reviews from the pharmacy assistant. It made my eyes feel like they had gained weight or something (try to imagine that for a moment.. ). I wonder if NASA have shares in Allergan? This would not surprise me.

Today wasn't fabulous in the department of Sara's newly Lasik'd eyes inc. Tonight is somewhat better but this morning I was having serious issues using my computer and made a panicked phone call to the long suffering Ernest at the Fendalton Eye Clinic. Ernest is the one that took me through the Lasik picture book with all the finesse and detail of a university lecturer. He even made a joke about having to sit an exam before they would let me go through with the procedure. He also dresses very well. He's an opthal.. (something). Anyway, he immediately made well practiced soothing noises down the phone (though I suspect he may have been making 'here's another one' faces and the 'cuckoo' hand gesture). 'Yes, that's completely normal, don't worry, you can expect vision fluctuations for weeks but it all looked extremely promising at your checkup and everything is exactly as it should be'. He then instructed me to develop an unnaturally close relationship with Refresh Plus and the general theme of the conversation was 'wetter is better'. There you go, eyes! Get wet! It helps. I shall be sure to keep you all fully updated on the progress of my blur.

Tonight I kicked into the first workout of the Turbulence Training Bodyweight 1000 and it was supremely fun. I've decided to only do fun workouts and I'm really, really taking note of how my lower back feels when I'm training. It's been improving in the 10 days I have not been training and I want to see which exercises inflame the situation. I am suspecting that weighted lunges and step-ups are not loved by my SI joint and certain exercises (Deadlifts, Good Mornings, Hack Squat) and definitely out. I've also been lying in the 'cobra' position for about 40 minutes every night (because that is the correct focal length currently for reading) and I actually think it has made a big difference to the night pain. I guess it's just a matter of nailing down the right way to use my body.

The Breakthrough Challenge now has a logo and a group of seven, including one guy (go Mark!). We will be starting the TT Challenge sometime in May - it looks like it will be a staggered start and I will be leaping off the starting blocks on either the 5th or the 12th. Stay tuned!

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  1. hey there sara-sara. will you be my recuperation buddy? hope those eyes are moving right along to clear-dom. start with me on the 12th! yay!


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