Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hear ye, hear ye!

Heads up! There will be another Turbulence Training transformation challenge starting in May. You can start at any time between 5th and 31st May and I'm assuming there will be prizes, just like with the current challenge. I've really enjoyed the TT challenge and will definitely be signing myself on for the next round. I quite like that you actually have to buy Turbulence Training and therefore are financially committed - the cheapest package is US $39.95 which I thought was a really decent price, even given the scary $US to $NZ exchange rate. You then have to keep a log in a dedicated section of the TT forum. At the moment, you get a free 3 month membership to the forum when you buy TT. I've found the current group of 'TT transformers' to be a motivating and supportive bunch (and only a little bit crazy) and the accountability and sense of group momentum has definitely kept me going when I might otherwise have not really cared so much about progress or lack of it. The coolest thing about TT is that every month Craig Ballantyne (author of TT) posts a new workout, and they are diverse - you get circuits, 30 day fat-loss, ab-specific, mass-building, bodyweight etc. etc. it's different every month. The next coolest thing is that CB is on the forum all the time, answering questions and offering encourgement. I think he never sleeps.

If you buy Turbulence Training (or Eat-Stop-Eat)through any of the links on my blog, please send me an email to let me know and I will send you the link to my online TT log, which is basically a daily log I've been keeping since I started TT. It's got update photos, links to some recipes (with more being added when I get the time) and records what I have eaten at every single meal for the last 17 weeks, even the not-so-stellar times when I was letting my inner lard-ass rule the day. It also has a few personal notes about how I'm feeling and what I'm doing at each stage and so I don't put it out there for just anyone to read. I think it's only relevant to people who are 'on the path' with health and fitness themselves.

I will mention this again closer to the time, but I'm piping up early - first because the April workout for abs is a savage beast and well worth getting stuck into and second, because it would be so fun to have as many of you involved as possible and I know some of you need to mull things over before committing. Myself, I'm more of an impulse spender. Quite possibly it's time to put the credit card back in the freezer...


  1. hi sara, thanks for the heads up! i'm thinking about trying it myself. what happens after the 3 month free membership? do you have to start paying then - so you are now paying for the TT forum membership? do you still get eat stop eat as a free download?

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I will find out about Eat Stop Eat. I don't think it is still inclulded but will look into it for you.

    Yes, after the 3 free months you can choose to continue on a monthly or yearly plan - or take a break from it. It's costing me US$9.90 a month (about $NZ12 or 2.5 grande cappuccinos). I don't think that's expensive considering the sheer volume of material that is available. I'm just on the basic membership - there is also a premium version with even more resources if you really want to go all out. As I'm already bordering info overload, I certainly don't need to upgrade. Everyone who finishes the current challenge gets a free month added to their membership which was unexpected and nice.

  3. thanks sara! That doesn't sound too bad - I'm already on PN and totally overwhelmed over there as it is but one can never have too much fitness info, i suppose!

  4. Hi Sara,

    I'm very interested in TT, both due to your rave reviews, as well as Skwigg's. However, I play American tackle football (women's rec league, but still pretty intense) and our pre-season starts next week.

    My first summer playing I had a horrible knee injury (cartiledge shredded, debridment required, ACL stretched and still not right, torn calf muscle... worst day EVA!), that my physio feels could have been prevented if I had been training less (I was also training for a triathalon at the time).

    If we practice 2 days a week, and then have a game day as a third day of football starting the end of May, will I be able to fit TT training in and still have adequate recovery time???

    I do plan on emailing the TT site this same question, but I wanted to hear from a layman (who seems to have a similar fitness level, fitness-obsession level and frantic life outside of fitness level).


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