Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting zapped!

First of all, I am planning to enter the next Turbulence Training Challenge on May 5th and would like to form a bit of a challenge group called the 'Breakthrough Challenge' group. My main thought for it so far is to make a banner or a logo that we can all display on our blogs. So, if you are keen send me an email and I'll get back to you next week. I could even get a little additional prize pack together for our mini challenge, a bunch of Sana stuff, fish oil, WPC, Glutamine etc. Let me know your thoughts.

Ok... *deep breaths*

Tomorrow is the day! My NASA approved, all-laser Lasik eye surgery. I'm so nervous I could wet myself. I know it may seem that I'm making a big deal out of a very common little procedure, but I'm special. My eyesight is pretty much at the limit of what can be fixed by Lasik and they have to laser off quite a bit of cornea to get me to 20/20. In my current state, without glasses I can not cross the road. I could get hit by a bus and not see it coming. This is not exaggerating. I've got serious astigmatism and am shortsighted to the point where I have to hold something about 4 inches in front of my face to see it. For most people that would be too close to see anything! Tonight I had a two hour consultation to determine if it could actually work for me. My surgeon encouraged me to ask a lot of questions and so I obliged him to the point where he seemed to secretly amused. I am not quite sure what he thought of my concerns that the corneal flap might become detached if I was, for example, doing a handstand or being thrown around in Salsa dancing. Anyway, he says it won't just fall off or anything (and I think he was holding back a little giggle when he said that), should I, for whatever reason, find myself upside down.

Ok, so I got my eyes graphed and photographed and was run through a disturbing photo by photo visual explanation of exactly what is to happen to my eyeballs tomorrow. I failed the pupil dilation test, where they put you in a dark room and attempt to photograph the retina. Apparently I have supreme mental skills where, whenever I concentrate, my pupils contract. So the surgeon would say 'ok, hold still now' and my pupil would contract. They had to dilate my pupils with eye drops and that was bizarre. Not only did the world turn all 'halo effect' while the chemical was working but it then wore off unevenly so that about half an hour ago I had one dilated pupil and one normal, like David Bowie. The crucial and important factor was to do with my cornea. If I had a thin cornea I would be rejected as a candidate. So, nice Dr Kent applied anaesthetic eye drops and went about probing my cornea with some sort of measuring device. Hello, I have very fat, juicy corneas. For once I am pleased to be thick and fat in some part of my body. I told him it's probably because I eat lots of protein, train, take Fish Oil and do handstands, and he gave me that half amused look again. The feeling of nil sensation in my eyeball after the anaesthetic was freaky. I asked Jase if he wanted to take his one chance in life to touch my eyeball, but he declined.

I should be back online in a few days and fully functional by Monday. Wish me luck! I hope they have some good drugs for the especially nervous types....


  1. Good luck, big hugs and remember to have Jase standing by with emergency recovery chocolate.


  2. Ok, wish you were here to hold my hand...
    I'm really such a sook. Kidney surgery was bad but at least I was UNCONSCIOUS. I've never even had a filling...

  3. Oh hey, what happened to Batty? Her blog is gone.

  4. Sara -

    I am glad steveh put your blog on that thread on the TT boards - I am enjoying it.

    I'm planning on doing the next contest as well.

  5. Good Luck Sara, my sister had the laser surgery and she has never looked back. She was almost rated as clinically blind. Would put her glasses down and then not be able to find them, type of thing and now she has 20/20 vision.
    You will be so happy and wonder why it took you so long :-)

    You know, that Breakthrough challenge sounds like what I need to kick my butt back into the right gear....

  6. Ms Attitude. Yes, do it! You have to by TT, unless you already have it. Email me any questions you have.

  7. ps--i love the idea of an additional prize pack...getting to try all your fun goodies. more prizes = more fun!


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