Thursday, April 10, 2008

The finishing post is in sight..

.. and I'll be the one sneaking in at the back ok...? Strewth mate, my eating has been a shambles. More about that in the next few days.

Turbulence Training challenge countdown – day 80

Feb ’08 circuit, workout B.
My training is rocking it at the moment and, in this last week I have finally managed to master the whole workout + intervals within 45 minutes. It’s a matter of focus. Maybe the cold weather is helping me be motivated to heat up. It’s not helping with getting started though…. I have to mentalise myself to get my work clothes off and be semi naked for a shivering split second while I get my trackies on. I don’t handle the cold very well, and this is NZ ‘not quite winter’ cold we are talking about, not some of that serious weather that involves that funny white stuff.

Over the last three weeks my eating has veered from ‘controlled’, to ‘controlled chaos’ to ‘uncontrolled mayhem’ and back. Needless to say, this has impacted my end of challenge results but, because of the anally retentive nutrition logging I have been doing, I had a lot of data to look back on and see what might be going on. I plan to blab on about that at length very soon but basically I could see that I was doing stupid things in order to shave a few calories – avoiding condiments, being a nazi about that extra carrot, not allowing an extra serve of veges even if I was hungry, cutting back on carbs at dinner…. I made myself a bit miserable and ended up springing off into an extreme overeating situation (about 3000 cals) on at least four occasions in the last three weeks alone. Today was fine and I braved the scales this morning after last nights peanut butter and jam sandwhich extravaganza. I gained 200g in the last week (900g in the last two weeks) so it’s not such a disaster.

1. Smoothie with banana, WPC and .. uh.. tofu. 5 x omega 3 caps
2. Leafy chicken salad with tzatziki sauce, roasted chickpeas, 1 apple
3. Small piece choc fudge, ½ serve of WPC, cup of pumpkin cubes with hot sauce, 5 g omega 3
4. Roast lamb, salad, lots of steamed broccoli, grated parmesan, 4 almonds, glass of Riesling.
5. Unsweetened yogurt with blueberry conserve

Calories: 1790
P: 33%
C: 33%
F: 34%

Water: 3L
10g omega 3

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  1. OK - mentalise? Is that actually a word?

    And why get naked? Sleep in your trackies!


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