Saturday, March 08, 2008

W7, D6 TT'ing

TT challenge – WEEK 7, DAY 6

Tomorrow is the end of week 7 of my TT challenge. I’m going to take an update pic and measurements. I’m on track with training and diet. I don’t think I’m going to be doing any low-carbing or cutting calories any lower than they are now in order to try and win the contest. I’m more about consistency at the moment, even if that means a less dramatic transformation. I’m really pleased with the way I’m building TT and balanced eating into a sustainable healthy lifestyle. This is something I’ve never fully ‘got’ before. It feels like I’m really achieving something on the inside and the outside is following along a bit more slowly!

No training today but I was on my feet for four hours. We decided to take our niece on the hop-on-hop-off tram ride around Christchurch and spent time wandering around the ‘cultural precinct’ which is the artsy part of town, centred around the old university buildings. There is a market, art cinemas, cafes, galleries, buskers, a ‘fudge cottage’. It’s a great way to spend a sunny day.

I fasted until 2.30 then went for lunch at the Swiss cafĂ© which is in New Regent Street (picture above). I did quiz the European chef about the omelette but I could tell by his expression that the concept of ‘going easy’ with the olive oil was not something he had ever considered before. All the ingredients were natural and good, but I estimated the meal at about 600 calories, just because of the oil content.
1. Mushroom, ham and onion omelette, salad, very small square of carrot cake.
2. Lowfat cappuccino (Starbucks)
3. Roasted lamb (fat drained), baked pumpkin, salad with mesclun, sundried tomatoes, red pepper.

Calories: 1205 P30% C21% F50%

Water: 2.5L
Espresso: too many! I lost count. I always drink too much coffee on fasting days. :-/
Niacin/Vit C

Tomorrow. The Eat-Stop-Eat review.

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  1. Hey Sara!

    NICE photo of Christchurch!

    I like your approach too, to not try and win any contests but to keep it sustainable!

    I know that damned fudge 'cottage' at the art gallery! I've binged there before LOL! NOW it's a 'no go zone' for Pip! I don't think I'm missing out on too much life cause of it!

    Keep up the fabbo work with TT Sara!



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