Tuesday, April 01, 2008

W11,D2 - check out my rack!

Ooooo yeah... aren't you jealous? Shiny! No more clanking and swearing and closing the cupboard door with my eyes closed and fingers crossed. I think I'm turning into that chick from Mostly Martha/No Reservations. Pretty soon I'll be issuing visitor badges to anyone that wants to come into my kingdom - uh - kitchen.

Turbulence Training challenge – WEEK 11, DAY 2

No training today, but I did finally get to see a musculoskeletal specialist about my ongoing nighttime backpain. This is the sixth expert I have seen about my back (and lets not count the ones I have seen about my wrist and knee…). He put me on the table, moved my body around a bit and then admitted that he had not a clue what the problem is (disc? SI? alien experiments?) and ordered up some serious diagnostics – MRI scan and blood tests for inflammation markers. The MRI should be in about two weeks, depending on if my doc has to file a special report to convince ACC that they should pay for it.
I’m interested to find out if there is a lingering inflammation or infection because when I was taking antibiotics for my ear infection the backpain also improved. BUT, I was also on holiday from work and not doing much in the way of lifting weights either. I will persist until I get to the bottom of it.

I Eat-Stop-Eat fasted until 4pm easily. I have adjusted to the rhythm of a fasting day now and it’s a nice break from my usual routine of regular munching.
1. roasted chickpeas (what can I say? I’m addicted), pumpkin and leek quiche, 1 very crunchy and delicious apple, protein cookie
2. Roasted lamb shank I put these in the crockpot and rest them on egg rings so that the fat drips off. They slow cook while I’m at work.. divine. Salad, baked kumara wedges, grated parmesan, glass of red wine.

Calories: 1350
P: 26%
C: 40%
F: 33%

Water: 3L

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  1. Yummm.... that sounds like a great day's eats!
    I'm not sure I could do the fasts though....


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