Monday, March 31, 2008

W11,D1 Psycho slimming

Turbulence Training challenge – WEEK 11, DAY 1

I’m now in the final two weeks of my challenge (cue ‘Chariots of Fire’?). What am I going to do for a big finish? Nothing special, just the same thing that seems to be slowly getting me the body I want – TT, an eating plan that is semi-angelic about … 75-80% of the time (?) and the Eat-Stop-Eat mini-fasts. I did consider doing something a bit more hardcore for the final week, but just thinking about it made me want to rebel, so I had to stop all that diet thinking before it drove me to chippies. I’m reading a very interesting book at the moment that describes this ‘what the hell’ effect as a recognised psychological reaction to perceived deprivation. That phenomenon is called the ‘restraint theory’. The book is called ‘Weight Loss for Food Lovers’ and the author has even published his findings in peer reviewed journals which can be found on pubmed
. I will write a more detailed review once I’ve finished reading the book but in the meantime that link is a very worthwhile and entertaining read – especially if you are like me and get excited about the psych(o) part of slimming.

Turbulence Training Feb ’08 circuit
Workout A

There’s something about those spiderman pushups… I have to psych myself up for them each time. I love to hate them.

20 minutes intervals on the stat. bike.

1. Banana/WPC/tofu/erythritol/cinnamon smoothie. I had some tofu leftover and it doesn’t keep forever so I put it in my smoothie. Not terrible. Organic bananas are back, yay! There is one thing essential to smoothie enjoyment. A brightly coloured straw.. with a bendy bit.
2. 5 x omega 3 caps
3. Chicken salad with vinaigrette dressing and shaved parmesan. Blueberries.
4. ½ piece pumpkin quiche. I have now got a very successful recipe for this and will post that soon. I’ve been making quiches instead of pruffins lately. I suppose it’s a phase. 100g roast chickpeas, 5 x omega 3 caps.
5. Leftover curry from yesterday, salad, iced yogurt, 1 peach.

Calories: 1850
P: 33%
C: 43%
F: 24%

Water: 3L
10g omega 3 fish oil

Tomorrow I am Eat-Stop-Eat fasting until 4pm. I do have to complete some flavouring of a workout mix that is in development and will have to do some basic ‘suck it and see’ taste testing. I called my flavouring source today to see if there was something I could use that was not lime or orange. Most formulations for bodybuilders, especially if they contain BCAA’s, are naturally nasty tasting and really need a tangy flavour. I’ve also worked with raspberry but I don’t like to use it because you need to add a truckload of masking agents and artificial sweetener to get it tasting ok. The flavouring guy suggested passionfruit, so I’ll give it a try. Then he said ‘I’ve also just had a shipment of asparagus flavour, do you want a sample?’. He had no idea what people use this for but there is a market for asparagus flavouring. Maybe our veges are getting so bland these days that food manufacturers have to add an asparagus flavour to, say, an asparagus quiche (?). Scary.


  1. 1. You know I love asparagus, but if you start selling asparagus-flavoured whey, don't expect me to order any.

    2. Where did organic bananas go? On a holiday to Barbados, maybe?

    3. Definitely don't do the hardcore final week diet thing. You know that always gets ugly. You could wake up and find yourself face-down in a Hard Rock Cafe-stlye Medley Mountain.

  2. "You could wake up and find yourself face-down in a Hard Rock Cafe-stlye Medley Mountain".

    My dreams are made of such as this... ;)

  3. Anonymous4:40 am

    Hey Sara...what a read on the Restraint Theory and the effects towards long term nutrition that can be maintained...sounds like a very nice approach. Portion control on the foods you love to eat, but minus the less sacrifice meals from your diet sounds reasonable. Less restrain there, but it's sounds like a better recourse towards long term weight loss. Great read.



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