Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TT W8,D3

Part 2 of Eat-Stop-Eat coming later today.. for now, the TT update!

TT challenge – WEEK 8, DAY 3

I did update pics and measurements this morning. Mmm.. a little bit off in most sites but it’s all happening kind of slowly at the moment. My thighs seem to slimming down but I’m still way too squishy around the middle and haven’t lost any cms there in the last month. I know from experience that I really have to get to about 54kg to see serious shrinkage in the ‘middle jiggle’, so it’s just a matter of persisting. I may need to make some changes to get the fatloss cranking along again but it won’t be anything drastic. I’ll put in a good consistent effort for the next week and if things aren’t moving by next Wed (19th) I’ll ‘do something’ crazy and wild like ..cut back on protein cookies and panini.

Intervals 20 mins - 2 mins rest/ 1 min work

I’ve been eating a lot of fish lately and probably don’t need to also be taking 12g of Omega 3 caps every day. I’ll cut back on days where I am eating fish, especially fatty fish. I also became a bit worried about mercury overdose and so emailed a few companies asking a bunch of pesky questions about their testing regime. Sealord were very helpful, they sent me a bunch of test results for their products and I’m not so worried now. Canned tuna is generally very low in mercury because it is made from small tuna. Tuna steaks, from fully grown tuna are much higher. Generally, big fish that eat small fish are higher in mercury due to the accumulation of mercury that they themselves consume. I’m always getting asked about the mercury in Fish Oil. The stuff that I import, I get tested for mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead, 9 different pesticides and I also test regularly for peroxide levels (which indicates rancidity). I think most companies would do the same and should be able to provide test results, or at least verbal reassurance, if you ask them. In my opinion it’s worth checking it out if you take a lot of Fish Oil.
1. Oatwhites with berries, erythritol, 100g greek yogurt
2. 6 x Omega 3 capsules
3. Pumpkin cubes (steamed), white fish (grilled), tzatziki sauce, capers (all stirred up, this tastes much better than it sounds)
4. 2 Protein cookies, nectarine, 6 x omega 3 caps
5. Grilled fish panini, salad

Calories: 1710 P32% C42% F26%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 4 shots
12g Omega 3 Fish Oil
Niacin/Vit C


  1. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Sara, My GP, an Environmental and Nutritional GP, told me that there was high levels of mercury in canned tuna.

    It only takes the tiniest bit of mercury to affect a person and even the amount in a can of tuna can be too much if consumed more than once per week.

    I myself have an elevated body burden of mercury, and it's not fun :-P I have been banned from tuna for now :)

  2. The middle jiggle thing is annoying, but you know you DO have compensatory good points - like plenty of boobage. Me, I can make my waist tiny without a lot of trouble, but then I become pancake-girl. :(

    There's always a silver lining....


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