Saturday, March 29, 2008


Turbulence Training challenge – WEEK 10, DAY 6

I write this we are just about to start ‘earth hour’. I think that we are the only city in NZ doing this, although the Aussies are well involved – not surprising considering they started it. At 8pm everyone in Christchurch switches off their lights, including most businesses. It will be interesting to see what this does to the grid. Because NZ is the first place to see the new day, we are also the first to do earth hour. That’s pretty cool.

This morning my niece woke me up at some hour that shouldn’t exist on a Saturday. I managed to get her to snooze a bit longer, but eventually I could not ignore the little fingers that were trying to physically prize my eyelids open and I asked her what she’d like to do today. She said.. ‘ok, we need to go the supermarket and the organic shop and the sausage shop (the butcher always gives her a saveloy), then we’ll go to the DVD shop and I need some more books from the library and then we need to go to Starbucks, ok??’. Such a full schedule at 2.5 years old. And.. Starbucks? She ‘needs’ to go to Starbucks? …

Anyway, we did all of that and also visited the Christchurch cathedral (it’s in the same square as Starbucks, right in the middle of town). I had no problem filling in my fasting day.


About 1 hour Salsa. I may go out again tonight for some more dancing. It’s a toss up between getting pretty and going out or slobbing around at home…. at the moment I’m 50/50.

I fasted until 6pm and now feel fully over yesterdays little splurge. I was not hungry at all today. I’ve begun to notice that sometimes that feeling of ‘hunger’ that I think I feel is just the unfamiliar sensation of not having food in my stomach. When real hunger hits, that is different.
1. Oatwhites with berries and greek yogurt
2. Large chicken breast cooked with carrots and leeks in white wine. Salad, baked kumara, cup of frozen yogurt and peach cubes. I browned the chicken breast first to seal in the juices. I used to have issues with chicken never really being nice and moist. You have to brown it first. That’s the secret.

Calories: 1000
P: 34%
C: 46%
F: 20%

Water: 3L
None. – I’m sure the supplement gods will have to call a meeting about this unusual occurrence.


  1. We turned everything off too! I dont think anyone else here in Palmerston North. Shame. Christchurch did well with it's 12.9 % drop in power consumption, impressive. shame more people didn't turn off unnecessary electrical stuff, imagine the savings then!

  2. 12.9%? That's quite significant. You know what? our hippie neighbours did not do it! The reason is that they do not read the paper or watch TV and had no idea it was happening! LOL


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