Thursday, March 27, 2008

TT W10, D4

TT challenge – WEEK 10, DAY 4

You know that stage when things just feel right and the eating is good, training is fun and you are feeling positive and confident? Yes, that’s me right now. Why did it take until week 10 to get here??


I was going to do my intervals but ended up dancing some Salsa instead. It’s not quite up there with intensity, but the fun factor was persuasive.
I’m all sore in the right places from Workout A yesterday.

1. Smoothie
2. 5 x Omega 3 caps
3. Pumpkin and tofu quiche, steamed courgette
4. 10 almonds, a few raisins, protein cookie 5 x Omega 3 caps
5. Lean beef korma with kumara and cauliflower. After dinner I was still hungry and munched on pre-cooked pumpkin cubes with some peach chutney.

Calories: 1700 P29% C29% F41%

Water: 3L
10g Omega 3 Fish Oil

Here is a pic from the congress. I did not fit this dress well 10 weeks ago, so finally some solid proof of progress - the dressometer does not lie. Check out also the supercute new dancing shoes.. I had to make them mine. So comfy, so 'just the right amount of grip'-y. I'm be-spec'd at the moment because I am taking the plunge and getting my eyes lasered. I'm paying an extra grand to get the form of lasik that NASA approved for it's astronauts. No more being late for work because I put my glasses down somewhere and, because I don't have my glasses on, I can't find my glasses! I have to go 6 weeks without contacts before going for the zap. It will be soooo worth it.
Excuse the background mess. We stayed at my brothers while they were away and yes, they did turn up early and unexpected and trigger a two person reverse tornado. They may have wondered why we were red faced and breathing heavily when they walked in.


  1. Looking super-cute (yes, glasses and all!)


  2. *whistle whistle* You are looking FANTASTIC!

  3. Thanks! I knew I could rely on you two for some ego-gratifying wolf whistling! I do believe the dress makes my butt look huge though..

  4. Looking great!

    I got my eyes done in November and it has been SO good! Which form of treatment are you getting?

  5. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Hi Sarah,

    You look gorgeous! You can really see where all your hard effort has gone!!

    I was wondering if you can post how it goes with the laser for your eyes. I need this done, but my partner talked me out of it after reading up on it. He said the research he found mentioned it wasn't good for you in the long run ie it is like getting your eyes set to a prescription that never changes, yet your eyes still do change.

    So, I'm really keen to hear how it goes and possibly change my partners mind (as I hate wearing my specs)!


  6. I'm getting the blade-free lasik at this clinic:

    My sister and mother have both had this, two and one years ago respectively. My mum still has to wear glasses for reading because of age-related macular degeneration, which is not related to the shape of the eye. My prescription has been stable for over 10 years and could expect to remain that way until I get age related eyesight decline, which I intend to stave off with high carotenoid intake. I feel more free without glasses but am soooo over the hassle of contact lenses. Even if I had to wear reading glasses or whatever it would be nice to be able to function without glasses, say when I'm travelling. At the moment I'm completely disabled without glasses. I can't even cross the road or recognise faces (unless I'm about 6 inches away!). So, it's a matter of weighing up the pro's and cons...
    I'm still very nervous of the procedure... trying not the think about it too hard!

  7. I hope it all goes well for you. I had to get PRK due to my thin corneas, so my healing was more extended than the treatment you are getting.

    In spite of the healing time I'm really glad I got it done as it has made so many things, like mountain biking, so much easier.

    Good luck!

  8. Spunks!!! Somehow i missed this post but i'm looking back through your blog to find that post on your back to send to a friend with a bad back.

    You look hot.


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