Sunday, March 09, 2008

TT update W7, D7

Roasted Chickpeas.. ooo yeah..

Those of you watching closely will know that today would have been the finish of my TT challenge if I had not re-started after being clobbered by the ear infection and antibiotics. If I'd been finishing today that would have been a 6.5lb (2.9kg) effort. I've now got 5 weeks to see what I can make of my remaining time in the competition. Woohooooties!

Turbulence Training challenge – WEEK 7, DAY 7

Just five weeks to go! We are now on the push to the challenge finish and I'm beginning to feel a little bit competitive (it took a while to kick in and who knows how long it will hang around for.. probably just until I have to face off with a snickers bar). :O)

Turbulence Training Feb 2008 circuit workout
Workout C – Bodyweight circuit

Warmup circuit
Y-squat - 10 reps
Off-set pushups - 6 reps per side
Stick-up – 10 reps
Mountain Climber – 8 reps per side

A) Prisoner Squats – 20 reps
B) Pushups – 15 reps
C) Forward lunges – 20 reps
D) Inverted row – 15 reps
E) Stability ball leg curl – 15 reps
F) Close-grip pushup – 15 reps
G) Bicycle crunch – 60 reps
H) Cross-body mountain climber – 20 reps
I) Bodyweight Squats – 20 reps
I got through this 3 times in 30 minutes by keeping up the pace and letting ‘Gatecrasher’ set the tempo. This workout is not easy, even though there are no weights. This has to be the best full body bodyweight circuit I have ever done. Every part of my body felt worked. The Feb08 circuit is a great workout for me and the first TT program that I have not had to alter in any way in order to accommodate my quirky body parts.

Today I photographed all my meals! Yesterday I was lusting after a frappuccino at Starbucks but could not justify the gazillion and one calories. I know they have a ‘lite’ version but I’ve tried them and, like most ‘diet’ versions of foods, they just don’t do it for me. So, today I made my own protein enhanced version and it was supremely good. I added a little guar gum and it was so thick that the straw could stand up in it (the true test of a good frappe, plus surely it burns some calories trying to suck that thing up the straw!).
1. My version of bircher muesli. Soaked and lightly cooked oats, grated apple, cinnamon, vanilla WPC, greek yogurt, erythritol
2. Frappuccino with.. Scoop vanilla WPC, dsp cocoa, 200ml of frozen chocolate easiyo, ice cubes, 2 shots espresso, ¾ tsp guar gum.
3. Protein cookie, 6 Omega 3 caps
4. Thai Laksa soup. I use the ‘Trident’ brand packet (it has some rice noodles) and add heaps of fish and veges.

Calories: 1580 P33% C41% F26%

Water: 2.5L
Espresso: 4 shots
Niacin/Vit C
Workout mix with creatine, citrulline malate, arginine, potassium, magnesium and acetyl L carnitine.
2g L-Glutamine post workout ( I feel I shall need this...)

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