Sunday, March 02, 2008

TT - the overdue update!

TT challenge – WEEK 6, DAY 7
Turbulence Training for - 77 days (Week 11, day 7).

Hello! I’ve been ‘AWOL’ for three days and have been having an interesting time. On Friday I took a ‘day off’, ate heaps and had a good look at what I’m doing and how it’s going. I think I needed it. I’ve been running a steady calorie deficit for 7 weeks now and I’ve been having real problems this week with hunger and food cravings and an ‘I’m sooo over this’ feeling. These last three days have been higher calorie and I have also had the two best training sessions of my challenge so far. I went back through my journals (I am a compulsive journal writer – in 5000 years archeologists will dig them up and conclude that the people of my day were insane) to get an idea of what has worked for me and what has bombed. One thing that stands out is that at times when I really focused on training performance, I have achieved. When I have focused on the scale I lose my momentum.

I’ll be back on board with the daily updates tomorrow J I have now finished the 30 day fatloss program and what a way to finish – with my two least favourite exercises! One legged swiss ball curls make me want to cry!

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  1. Call me crazy, but I LOVE one-legged Swiss ball curls. :o) Mmm, yeah, that hamstring burn....


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