Monday, March 03, 2008

Regular programming resumed.. TT update

TT challenge – WEEK 7, DAY 1
Turbulence Training for - 78 days (Week 12, day 1).

Today was a good strong start to the last six weeks of my official challenge. I intend to see what I’m really capable of!

No training today, ‘just’ a hard hour of Salsa
Tomorrow I start the 2K8 Feb circuit workout, at the suggestion of Andy from the TT forum. I guess I’m about to find out if he’s a real friend or not!

1. Oatwhites with applesauce, sprinkled with erythritol, 6 x Omega 3 caps
2. Tuna, roasted chickpease, steamed courgette
3. Protein cookie, 6 Omega 2 caps
4. Grilled fish, salad, ½ Turkish pide bread, low fat feta cheese

Calories: 1540 P30% C40% F30%

So that’s what it takes to have a 40:30:30 day! I decided to kick my chocolate bar habit by replacing it with a ‘protein cookie’. It’s still a processed food, but with a little more nutritional value – almond flour, soy and whey protein, no sugar. It’s an improvement *shines halo.. and readjusts it slightly after last weeks halo-tipping performance*

Water: 3L
Espresso: 4
12g Omega 3 Fish Oil

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