Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Magic100

I've had lots of questions about the Magic Hundred program that I'm working my way through - I'm currently two weeks into it.

I learned about the Magic Hundred through reading a brilliant Craig Ballantyne interview with Dax Moy about the 'Fatloss Mindset'. Dax is the creator of the Magic 100, which is, basically a program that gets you focused on your 'real' goals (which may be different to your 'realistic' goals) and gets you taking action toward them in an organised and persistent manner - 100 goals in 100 days. I will let you know how I do. It's a 100 day program and I'm only on day 14, so there's still lots of time to get that R.A.S trained up and dressed for success! The scaffholding around which the whole thing hangs reminds me a lot of Psycho Cybernetics - but with a 100 day timeframe and more structure.

So far I've had some very encouraging experiences. Just by doing a few simple things - getting orders out in 24 hours, updating the website, I've had an increase in Sana orders (not quite a 'surge' yet - more like a slightly larger wave than usual). I've also had some unexpected 'bed' luck. I've been planning to buy a new bed for a while and put it on my Magic100 master list. Today, while actually shopping for a shoe-rack (all part of the bedroom overhaul you know), I saw my ideal bed, $1400 discounted due to having a 'small mark' which I couldn't even find. To my great surprise the Jase tested out the bed and declared that we must buy one immediately. Then, in typical Jase fashion, he spent the rest of the day running around bed shops and has now found an uber bed, made of some NASA designed substance called 'memory foam'. Sooo... he wants me to get over there straight after work tomorrow and give it the thumbs up for purchase and delivery. Go, the R.A.S !

As for the Magic100 package itself, I've had mixed experiences. Once I had read through the guidebook and finished my worksheets, I discovered that I was supposed to be receiving daily emails, but they hadn't started. Dax sorted that out once I managed to find an email address for him and had the frustration of bouncing emails from the address that Clickbank has for the Magic100. Then, in the third daily email there is a link to a Magic100 blog that apparently no longer exists. Then I had issues with my audio files and again it took a while to get through to Dax. It's nice that he answers his emails personally, but .... maybe he needs an assistant. Maybe I'm just really picky, but I like it when things work seamlessly. It makes me nervous when links are out of date - it makes me think that the program is not being given the full attention of the person selling it and, when the program is supposed to be guiding you toward excellence and success, these things are all the more glaring. I wil mention however, that my problems did coincide with an update to the Magic100 site and maybe I'm being a little harsh. Apart from those little issues, the daily emails have been fabulous - little daily tasks and inspirational thoughts and links. I will keep you all in the loop with my progress. If it's a truly great program, and I follow the intructions, then the results will speak for themselves.


  1. Hi Sara

    Great comments and all totally fair : )

    We updated our system from paypal to Clickbank and in the process of doing so, lost much of the functionality of our emails etc.... very frustrating for us too!

    In terms of the dead links, this has been a bit of a problem but one that we only get to know about once our readers tell us that youtube has re-indexed something or taken it down. As soon as we find out, of course, we update the links.

    Finally, we took down the old blog due to spam based porn and viagra ads appearing and ruining the whole feel of the site.

    I've replaced it now with which, though still in its infancy, is much, much better.

    Thanks for your comments though Sara, every criticism whether positive or negative helps me to make the program better for everyone.

    Much success on your MAGIC Hundred quest!

    Truth, joy and love


  2. Thanks for popping in to my blog Dax, I will head over and check out the Magic100 forum soon. Spam is something I wish I knew how to Magic out of my life. The 'herbal enhancement' spam even comes with pictures lately (ew!).


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