Sunday, February 03, 2008

We interrupt the scheduled TT update..

to bring you.....

DIETGIRL! (yayyyy!)

Kiwis! Be informed that last Friday The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl landed on our shores and has probably invaded all our favourite bookshops (although, as I've been in social isolation completing an epic uni assignment, I have no firm proof).

How much do fitness bloggers love Shauna?

About as much as a 100g bar of Green and Black Maya Gold chocolate followed by a full body massage from Benicio del Toro and a trip to Italy! I think, yes, about that much.

I was lucky enough to score an advance copy and read it cover to cover between xmas and New Year. Then I had a few champagnes on New Years Eve and practically retold her story to the whole party because it's just that good. It's a great read. Not only did she lose half her body weight (impressive) but she also managed to throw in a whole lot of adventure, like getting married four times.. to the same guy. This is a book about the adventures of Dietgirl, not the diets of Dietgirl and that's what makes it so very cool. Do we need another diet book? Hell NO! Do we need a book about one girl discovering her inner strength, mastering her food issues and learning how to live life in the way that she wants to? Yes, that's what we need!
Get your hands on one today.

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