Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Day 58
Week 9, Day 2
(Week 4, Day 2 of official challenge)
For the rest of this week I will be in the study bubble for my exam on Friday. I will keep up with the daily updates but maybe they will have less burbling on than usual (this could be a good thing!)

Oh! I have to mention. I’ve got my mum doing TT bodyweight and DB circuits and also set her up with my nutrition spreadsheet (which I’ve developed over 3 years and it contains nearly everything kiwi’s eat). She is loving it. For once she is actually doing what I suggest and seems to get a kick out of texting me whenever she eats anything especially good or drastically bad (2 brs, 420 cals, OMG!!!), or if she manages a new exercise. Yesterday I went to visit and found her and my niece eating.. carrot sticks :O)) I can tell she’s shrinking too but the best thing is that she seems so much happier. Her weight was really getting her down.

I can feel myself wanting to put more into my training and push myself harder. This is great because for a long time my enthusiasm has burning a little bit dim. Now that I’m getting some results and notice that I’m getting stronger I am getting a newfound surge of enthusiasm (watch out world!). The wrist is still bothering me but not as much as before. It has now progressed to making a ‘clicking’ noise which makes me think maybe it’s not a pinched nerve after all…. I see my physio again early next week and will tell him everything in great detail.

TT 30 day Fatloss
Workout A
A1) DB Flat press 3 x 8 with 8kg DB’s
A2) Barbell row with 1 sec. pause 3 x 8 with 15kg on the bar

B2) Pullups (instead of pulldowns) 3 x 8
B2) Rear delt Flye 3 x 12 with 4kg DB’s. I will go heavier next time. I can feel that I am stronger in that movement.

C1) Close-grip DB press 3 x 8 with 7kg DB’s
C2) DB Incline curls (hammer curls for the wrist) 3 x 8 with 7kg DB’s
C3) Reverse row (bodyweight – instead of the face pull) 3 x 10

Fasting until 3.30pm (20 hours). Again I was super-productive during my fasting hours but felt a bit sleepy once I’d eaten. I do enjoy the break from eating and from having to think about food.
1. Pruffin, 100g yogurt
2. Optimum nutrition blueberry bar, 6 Omega 3 caps
3. Grilled fish wrap with salad, 2 small apples, fruit ‘wiggle’ (dried fruit bar)

Calories: 1100 P24% C52% F25%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 4
6 x Omega 3 capsules

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