Saturday, February 23, 2008

TT W5,D6

TT challenge - WEEK 5, DAY 6
Turbulence Training for - 69 days (10 weeks, 6 days).

I’ve re-jigged my daily update header to make it more clear where I am at with my challenge vs. how long I’ve been TT’ing.

Today was supposed to be intervals but I was feeling exceedingly unenthused by the idea and so I decided to give the Bodyweight 500 a bash. (Ha!) At about 14 minutes I was rocking! I thought for sure I was going to give all those Bodyweight 500 youtube guys a complete spanking, but I had an arrogance dissolving reality check somewhere between the forward lunges and the close-grip pushups. By the time I got to the inverted rows I was doing sets of five and seeing black spots before my eyes. Actually I was worried about passing out mid-row because my bar doesn’t go very low and my feet were raised on a chair – not a good position to lose consciousness! The first TT casualty! That’s a distinction I can do without… ;-/ My time was 52 minutes!! I did have to resort to the assist for pull-ups and chin-ups otherwise I’m sure I might have finished in three hours… maybe.

I will do this again in two weeks. There’s a lot of room for improvement.

Mentally, this was a very good thing for me, and I only realised that half way through. I kept wanting to STOP, to QUIT and I had a bit of a realisation that in my training, my nutrition, my life, I really don’t give it 100% anymore and that has to change. Somewhere between the weight gain, binge eating, back injury, wrist problems, family stress and business struggles I think I sort of lost faith in my ability to do.. anything. I didn’t used to be so defeatist and I’m sure I can get my groove back. I know from past experience that the practice of pushing myself in training through my perceived limits has a carry on effect to my whole life, so that’s where I will start. I need to work harder to really make the most of the *transformation* part of the TT challenge.

Fasting until 3.30pm
1. Bowl with yogurt, frozen yogurt, banana and ‘Optimum Zen’ cereal. 1 Eatright cookie, 1 mini Cadbury crème egg. 6 x Omega 3 caps
2. Ham and feta stuffed pita, salad, carrot sticks
3. Serve WPC, organic yogurt, berries

Calories: 1140 P23% C51% F26%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 6 (my machine was being fixed and we had to sample the brew to get the settings right :O))
6g Omega 3 Fish Oil

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