Monday, February 11, 2008

TT update WEEK 9, DAY 1

Day 57
Week 9, Day 1
(Week 4, Day 1 of official challenge)

YAH! Week 9! I’m happy with the results I’m getting and every week that powers by makes me more determined. I’d ‘like’ to be losing fat at a faster pace but when I thought about it realistically I’m just not willing to diet more strictly than I am. I have in the past lost fat very quickly, but always bounced off into binge eating and demoralising weight regain. This time I have my eyes firmly on long term success, not just one brilliant moment. Once I get to day 84, I then have to continue to day 120 in order to complete my ‘official’ challenge. I restarted after the first 5 weeks because to that point my challenge had involved a lot of illness and antibiotics and not a lot of training. Maybe I should have just gone back to day 1 in order to be less confusing.. but, it’s a mental thing. I didn’t want to feel like I was going backwards. ;)


No training today. I had planned to do workout A this morning but ended up getting to bed way after midnight due to sitting around at the airport going stir crazy with boredom waiting for my sister to arrive on a delayed flight. I’ll do that workout tomorrow morning instead. I’ve learned that lack of sleep is the most reliable way to trigger overeating. I’m still slightly brain fogged today but the extra hour in bed was definitely necessary.

Tonight is my Salsa class – about 1hr

This week I’m getting a grip on the daily chocolate consumption, keeping it to a more respectable (ladylike?) level.

1. Oatwhites with 100g blueberries, 6 x Omega 3 caps
2. Tuna and chickpea salad, 4 almonds
3. Protein Cookie
4. Blueberry pruffin, 6 Omega 3 caps
5. Lamb and buckwheat casserole

Calories: 1680 P29% C45% F26%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 2
12g Omega 3 Fish Oil

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  1. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Just saw your last photo update - and had to say your midsection is looking terrific - lots of nice definition happening!


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