Wednesday, February 06, 2008

TT update Week 8, Day 3

**Blueberry Pruffins**

Day 52
Week 8, Day 3
(Week 2, Day 3 of official challenge)

TT 30 Day Fatloss
Workout B

A1)Split squat with front foot raised 3 x 8 with 7kg DB’s
A2)BB RDL – 3 x 8 with 10kg on the bar. I really studied the technique for this today because I have avoided this exercise since I injured my back. I think it is a good exercise for strengthening my weak areas (glutes, lower back, hammies) and in studying the technique and feeling my way through it I can see that previously I had it wrong. You really need to let your bum move backward in order to avoid straining the lower back. I’m going to keep working this one with low weights. Good fun.

B1) Reverse Lunge (this exercise is deliciously evil after the last two) 3 x 10, 7kg DB’s
B2) Reverse Flye (this was supposed to be elevated pushups, but I needed to work my OOS area today and not aggravate it with a pec exercise) 3 x 10, 4kg DB’s

C1) Bicycle crunch 3 x 30
C2) Stability ball jacknife 3 x 12

I didn’t quite make my full 20 hour fast today because I was invited out for lunch and made the wise decision to eat a pruffin before I went in order to prevent a loss of control. The brownie was genius! A real calorie BOMB **BOOM** so I just ate half of it. Funny thing is, I ended up in a mental argument with myself over the other half, which was sitting there looking lonely. I couldn’t even palm it off to anyone else! Eventually I ‘realised’ that in actuality I did not want to eat it. Really, in my deepest self I would not enjoy eating that last half of brownie – I already knew what it tasted like, I wasn’t hungry, I certainly didn’t need the energy…. why had I been telling myself that I ‘wanted’ it, when I really didn’t? All of that went through my head while simultaneously carrying on a sane conversation, but once I got to that realisation, suddenly I didn’t even care about that brownie anymore anyway. I had a curry for dinner and it all worked out with calories only slightly below a normal day. I guess every little bit helps!
1. Blueberry Pruffin
2. Spanakopita, green salad, ½ chocolate brownie
3. Protein cookie
4. Rogan josh lean beef curry

Calories: 1550 P23% C41% F35%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 4 (had to test my newly fixed coffee machine)
Amino mix during workout
3g L-Glutamine

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