Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TT update W10D2

Day 65
Week 10, Day 2
(Week 5, Day 2 of official TT competition challenge)

I’m still finding the 20 hour fasts to be an interesting experience. Having dieted myself down to a crisp in the past, I am well familiar with the usual ‘panic’ signals that my body emits when I am undereating (cold, ravenous, grumpy, lethargic) but I don’t get any of that on a 20 hour fast. I tried a 24 hour fast and found it just a bit too long, probably more for psychological reasons than physical stress. I’m going to write a bit more on my blog about how I am doing with Eat-Stop-Eat, but I try to keep my daily updates at least to the length of a short novel. ;)

Pantsometer update. My jeans nearly fell off me while I was dancing Salsa last night. I exposed my g-string undies front and back. Oh, the shame. The embarrassment. The…class?

HIIT on the stat. bike.
20 minutes
This was supposed to be part of yesterdays workout but I ran out of time. The 30-day fatloss workouts take me a bit longer than 2K3, but I am LOVING them and I swear my butt is getting firmer by the day (TMI?)

Fasting until 3.30pm.
1. 2 pruffins, 1 ‘eatright’ gingernut, 100ml yogurt
2. Grilled fish panini, salad, trumpet icecream
Calories: 1250 P23% C47% F30%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 4
None today

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