Saturday, February 02, 2008

TT Express W7, D5 not so flash!

Day 47
Week 7, Day 5

The workout ipod mix today was CB’s interview with Dax Moy about the fatloss mindset. This is a very worthwhile download. Aw, the cute accents! I'm making an effort to fill my head with good stuff. I've got a theory that if I just keep at it, this will automatically create a more positive thinking pattern.

TT 30 Day Fat Loss
Workout A

A1 DB Flat Press 3 x 8 with 10kg DBs
A2 Barbell row with 1 second pause at chest – 3 x 8 with 10kg on the bar. Going conservatively, back felt fine.

B1 Wide grip pull-ups (instead of reverse grip pull downs – still babying the wrist) 3 x 8, lightly assisted.
B2 DB rear delt flye – 3 x 12 with 4kg DB’s using the swiss ball.

C1 Pushups using grips (instead of the close-grip DB press) 3 x 12
C2 DB incline curls 3 x 8 with 7kg. Switched to hammer curls for the last set,again, the wrist.
C3 DB self-supported row (instead of face pull as I was working out at home without the required equipment)

No intervals today, will do them tomorrow A.M.

I skipped pre-bed stretching as I am up late with my head in an interesting uni assignment.

Todays eating was not flash. I had one of those more difficult days. I note this. Yesterday and today I had meetings in the morning at which I exceeded my caffeine ration. Both days I had issues with hunger and sugar cravings in the afternoon. I will cut back, subito!
1. Oatwhites with berries, 6 Omega 3 caps
2. Smoked salmon and chickpea salad, 2 brazil nuts
3. Blueberry pruffin, chocolate bar
4. Caramel slice
5. Eggs Benedict and some really serious dessert. Fresh blueberries.

Calories: 2300 P18% C43% F39%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 2 double shot
6g Omega 3 fish oil (I ate fish twice today)
5g Vitamin C – still healthy, still maintaining my self imposed quarantine and not hugging anyone.

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