Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The TT Express.. oops, missed a day!

This is yesterdays effort! I was so busy uploading spycam pics and missing Brainhell already that I totally forgot to post it. Here y'are. It's a miracle I got anything done yesterday at all considering I broke my coffee machine (disaster!). Luckily my clever man pulled it to bits, showed me the many reasons why I must remember to do the scheduled coffee machine maintenance tasks (not too nice in there... quite yukky in fact), put it back together and then we both bounced around with glee when it came back to life. It was a tough day without the morning java though.... not sure I'd want to go through that again...

Day 51
Week 8, Day 1
(Week 2, Day 2 of official challenge)

20 minutes HIIT cardio on the
Stamina is definitely increasing in the work intervals. Next week I am actually going to brave the gym so that I can use the treadmill, rower and stepper. I’ve been away from the gym for so long that they are sending me love letters and vouchers for free protein shakes. I’ve also started my bid to turn our unused garage into a well-equipped workout dungeon. It even has plumbing and I think I could put a shower in there. It’s a big project. I’ll stick it on my Magic100 list.

1. Oatwhites with raspberries, 6 Omega 3 capsules
2. Tuna and chickpea salad, feta cheese
3. Pruffin, snickers bar, 6 Omega 3 caps, 2 plums. My plum tree is ‘plumming’ like a fiend at the moment. In eight years, this is the most prolific I’ve ever seen it. I’m going to have to beg my grandmother for her secret plum sauce recipe..*thinks* .. who am I kidding? I’ll just give her a sack of plums, drop a few subtle hints and see what eventuates. Making preserves is an almost forgotten art in the age of the instant but she has the skills and the talent.
4. Venison burger, salad, chutney

Eat-STOP-Eating from 7pm tonight until 3pm tomorrow.

Calories: 1620 P23% C49% F28%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 2
12g Omega 3 fish oil

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  1. Oh yeah - cleaning out the coffee machine....that's Bike Boy's job. Ick! Also handling raw meat and removing dead creatures from my sight.



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