Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Todays TT

Day 66
Week 10, Day 3
(Week 5, Day 3 of official TT competition challenge)

Week 10 is going very well, a great improvement on the preceding two weeks! I’m down to my last 10lbs now and need to stay focused as it slowly disappears. What I like about that last little bit of jiggle is that each kg removed looks so much more dramatic than when there was a whole lot more of it. It’s quite motivating and exciting.

30 mins core training and pilates
I woke up with a very sore back and realised I’ve been skimping on my pilates again. I really notice the difference, especially if I’ve also been cutting my stretching sessions short after my workouts.

1. Oatwhites with berries, 6 x Omega 3 caps
2. Chicken and chickpea casserole with lots of veges, raw carrot, mini Cadbury crème egg (they are now available in little 50 calorie portions –wooo hooo hooo!)
3. Pruffin, 1 banana 6 x Omega 3 capsules
4. Pan-fried fish and salad panini, 35g maya gold chocolate

Calories: 2020 P19% C53% F28%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 4
12g Omega 3 Fish Oil


  1. Hey Sara!

    Thank you heaps for your kind comment on my blog!

    As a matter of fact I keep coming to your blog to update myself on how your 'turbulance training challenge' is going! You are sure winning it, - and a very interesting read too!

    Keep up the fabbo work and top luck for those last 10 pounds!



  2. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Oatwhites - do you cook this like a pancake?

  3. Hey 'Anonymous'. No, although it's possible to make a pancake, I usually just nuke them. Oats for 2 mins, add the ews, stir, nuke another minute, stir, nuke a further 30 secs or so until it looks cooked, then add the berries or whatever, sprinkle over erythritol and consume. :O)


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