Tuesday, February 05, 2008


The spycam got me this morning. I'm turning off the TV. I was watching.. shall I admit to it?... losing all my cool credits here..... 'The View' while doing my cardio. Remember the 'Super Skinny Me' girls? They were being interviewed. Rivetting!

Edit: yes, my living room does need a clean up. I know it, but who really has time for housework?


  1. I think the ironing-board art installation is nothing short of fabulous. But ...um... why do you have a CAGE in the middle of the room?

  2. Wrong person to ask here! That 'cage' is a heater right?

  3. Yes, it's a HEATER. The weather in NZ is such that there must always be one on standby!
    The ironing board stand alone piece is the culmnation of years of experimentation and attention to detail of placement. I'm glad that finally there is external appreciation. ;)

  4. OK, it's a teensy photo, my eyesight is obviously bad, but you know, heaters and FEBRUARY kind of don't go together in my mind.


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