Thursday, February 28, 2008

Emily's Quiche

Easy and delicious. Here is the recipe that I made for tonights dinner (previous post).

Blend up the following:
2 eggs
5 eggwhites
100g quarg (or other soft cheese)
100g grated strong flavoured cheese (I used sheeps milk pecorino)
tbsp flax meal
1/4 cup arrowroot flour (or any other flour)

Pour over veges. I layered the veges and mix.

I saved some cheese to sprinkle on the top after it had been baking for 20 minutes. Total baking time - about 35 minutes.

I'm not going to post nutritional info on this one because it would vary wildly with the sort of cheese(s) you choose. You'll just have to get out your calculator and figure it out yourselves. ;) I thought I might try it again without the flax meal. Flax meal can create a slightly 'fluffy' taste that I have also noticed in pruffins and don't much care for. I think it would be very nice with sun-dried tomatoes in there.

Here is my meal with baked kumara chips and rocket salad. It's definitely one of those 'now I know this is not a diet' meals.

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  1. Apart from the kumera chips (ikky) that looks soooo delicious!


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