Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cute niece stuff...

Yes! Two posts in one day. I'm in danger of becoming prolific...

While at the restaurant last night:

Uncle Jase (to niece): "What would Aunty Sara like for a present?" (they had just been window shopping and seen a really flash coffee machine that they had both oooo'd over)

Niece: "Aunty Sara wants a flower"(cue round of 'awwwws' at the table).

Niece: "Yes, Aunty Sara wants a flower... and a pig".


Me: "My tummy is so full I can't possibly fit dessert in"

Niece (pats me on my back): "It's ok Aunty Sara, you can fit some icecream in your back".


On Saturday

Niece: "I'm sooooooo ready to go out"

Me: "Are you wearing Uncle Jases boxer shorts??"

Niece: "my new dress"

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