Thursday, February 21, 2008

All about YOU (bar)

This is very cool and makes me wish I lived in America.. or at least visited for long enough to order some and skip the US $59 international delivery charge. See, it's a bar that you custom design online! Genius.


  1. Mmm....that link took me to some Japanese(?) website for what looks a bar. The kind where you buy drinks.

    Maybe this one?

    Anyway, surely you can just whip up any kind of bar you like, being the supplement/foodie whiz that you are.


  2. Or this one:

  3. Ooops. Ok, fixed that link now.
    Thanks luv!

  4. You could always use a mail forwarding company if you are going to buy multiple things in the US. They will give you a physical address in the US that you can have products delivered to. If you buy a bunch of them, the costs per item will go way down. Try out a mail forwarding company like Bongo International


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