Thursday, January 31, 2008

TT'ing away - Week 7, Day 4

Day 46
Week 7, Day 4

I leapt (?) out of bed this morning and realised immediately that my workout yesterday really ‘hit the spot’. I’ve been training for a long time and hardly ever get a case of DOMS but I now I have them in all the right places (butt, hamstrings). Unfortunately I had a bad night with lower back pain and was not in a state to do any training this morning. After years of physio (and chiropractic, exercise rehab..etc. etc.) I now have something called ‘undiagnosed back pain’. In other words, there is nothing wrong with me that can be seen on xray or felt, but still I get pain sometimes, even though my sacro-iliac joint has stayed put for about a year now. It was feeling great just days ago and then last night… not so much.

No training today. Even though the 30 day fatloss is a four days a week training program, I did not realise this until Wednesay when I got stuck into it, so week 1 will be three sessions.

20 mins pilates and stretching before bed.

1. Oatwhites with fresh blueberries (woohoo it’s blueberry season! I’m such a fan of them), 6 Omega 3 caps
2. Tuna and chickpea salad, 2 brazil nuts
3. Blueberry pruffin, 6 Omega 3 capsules
4. Lara bar (I decided if I need a chocolately snack in the late afternoon, at least I can try and improve the nutritional quality of it)
5. Lean beef stirfry, baked kumara, salad, feta cheese
6. Blueberry pruffin, 100ml organic yogurt

Calories: 1870 P25% C39% F35%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 2 double shot
12g Omega 3 fish oil
2g L-Glutamine
Niacin/Vit C
Extra Vit C (there is ANOTHER flu going around and I am NOT getting it, even if I have to turn my desk into an armoured quarantine zone and carry antiseptic wipes around to wipe phones and doorhandles. Being an obsessive weirdo is better than being sick for weeks on end).

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