Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The TT Daily - Week 7, Day 3

Ooops, I missed a day and then saved todays doings over it. Nothing much exciting happening yesterday though, except I got rear-ended on the motorway by a young man named 'Yogi'. Yeah, there's a bit of a dent, but in the context of the state of my whole car, probably not worth making a big deal over. I think I'll let him away with it seeing as he was very apologetic and I felt like such a bad person for not even asking him if he was ok. Gah! I'm a disgrace.

Day 45
Week 7, Day 3

After reading through most of the TT workouts I have in hand, I have decided on the 30 day fatloss workout for the next.. uh..30 days. I started with Workout B because I only printed the check sheet and after looking at Workout A, I realised I do not know what a ‘Face Pull’ is. I will look that up tonight because I’m sure it’s not referring to making the ‘nasty face’ when you are lifting an impressively heavy weight! I also need a substitution for the seated row in Workout B (unless I actually break out my gym membership card and set foot in the GYM.. what a concept!) and for Good Mornings in Workout D because I can’t risk the stress to my lower back. I might add, this workout left me sweaty and feeling totally trashed, in a good way. Working those big leg muscles really does create a decent amount of ‘Turbulence’.

TT 30-day fatloss
Workout B

Split Squat with front foot raised 6 inches - 3 x 8 with 7kg DB’s
BB RDL – actually I used DB’s - 3 x 8 with 10kg DB’s
Reverse lunge – 3 x 10 with 7kg DB’s (this really got my heart pumping)
Pushups using grips – 3 x 10
Bicycle crunch – 3 x 30
Stability ball jacknife 3 x 12

20 mins pilates and stretching before bed.

Today was a non-diet day. Even though it freaks me out, I am going to eat at what I think is my maintenance (1900 – 2000) on non-diet days. It’s a sort of experiment to discover this - if I have the same average calories as last week, but do it through two 20hour fasts instead of daily calorie deficit, will my results be similar? There is only one way to find out! Eat!
1. Oatwhites with 100g raspberries, 6 Omega 3 caps
2. Tuna and chickpea salad, 2 brazil nuts, cup of black cherries
3. Blueberry pruffin, 6 Omega 3 capsules
4. Small chocolate bar
5. Beef Rogan Josh curry, lots of veges
6. Blueberry pruffin, 100ml organic yogurt

Calories: 1947 P25% C39% F35%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 1 double shot
12g Omega 3 fish oil
Workout Mix
2g L-Glutamine
Niacin/Vit C

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