Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TT daily update

Day 38
Week 6, Day 3

No TT workout, but I was inspired to get up and do 20 mins on the stat. bike while watching the first Aussie ‘Biggest Loser’ series which I discovered is showing at 7.30am every day. I’m a bit of a weightloss TV junkie and getting on the bike makes me feel ok about that. I did a bit of googling on the contestant Adro that had just been eliminated and *spoiler alert for any kiwis* accidentally discovered that he somehow ended up winning that series!. I’m not sure how that came about but I will find out tomorrow.

20 mins pilates and stretching before bed.

1. Oatwhites with lots of raspberries (it’s berry season, got to make the most of it), 6 Omega 3 capsules
2. Tuna and chickpea salad. 1 brazil nut.
3. Pumpkin pruffin, small chocolate bar, raw carrots
4. Smoked salmon on soylin toast, poached egg, salad
5. WPC shake, cup of black cherries

Calories: 1570 P27% C48% F25%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 1 double shot
6g Omega 3 fish oil.
Glucosamine 3 x 750mg
Niacin 50mg /Vit C – I take the niacin as part of my cholesterol lowering program (which worked dramatically well). When the caps were run I filled them with vitamin C instead of using a filler. Generally a size ‘0’ capsule holds ~500mg (and the smaller size ‘1’ holds about 250mg) . If you add up the active ingredients and it comes to much less than that then the capsule is mostly full of a filler like Magnesium Stearate, Micro-crystalline cellulose, Calcium Phosphate or even rice flour.

I had a big moment yesterday. Today I am experiencing something that has not existed in my life for 16 years. I am currently debt free (apart from the mortgage, but that is apparently ‘positive’ debt). My credit card is in the black (a new experience for both of us). I have no savings because I put all that money into paying off the credit card debt, so that’s the next plan.. save. It could be that I have to use the cc to pay about $600 my uni fees which are due now but today it feels nice and it’s a big step toward living the life that I want.


  1. Yay for you! Now, can you pay mine? It WAS paid off, but you know, one does need new shoes/clothes/fitness equipment and so on.

    Ooh- bought new runners today! Got $60 off too....that makes it alright, surely?


  2. Kek, I owe it all to YOU for giving me the inspiraition to put that cc in the freezer!


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