Friday, January 11, 2008

Sir Ed

As a child I was totally in love with Sir Ed. Whenever I could get away with it I would base my school projects around his adventures and, although I personally do not like SNOW, I certainly got ideas in my head about travelling and experiencing life. I never once got told off for using the 'b' word either ("George, we knocked the bastard off"). I think that Sir Ed. would be the most famous New Zealander in history. He was also the only living kiwi to be on one of our bank notes and to tell the truth, I can't even remember whose faces are on the other ones!

And now he's passed on, but what a LIFE!


  1. Respect to the man. He will be missed, and truly is one of the greatest New Zealanders who ever lived.

  2. He was a legend, that's for sure. For a teeny-weeny nation, New Zealand has produced more than its share of famous people.

    Just tonight, I was watching a TV program about John Clarke; funny, FUNNY guy. And smart. OK, so we recorded it on New Year's Eve...we've been busy.


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