Saturday, January 19, 2008


Today I went feral and hung out with the wildlife at Orana Park. There are lots of big, African animals there, some of which looked quite fierce, but the scariest wildlife was definitely my niece and her two little friends. Apparently the only appropriate way to behave at a wildlife park is to make 'rowr' noises constantly for hours on end and it just never gets old.. I'm not quite feeling myself today because I'm on antibiotics for an ear/throat infection and I got myself into a heated argument with the 2.5 year old niece about the Llama. What do I know? The sign said 'Llama', so I said to the niece, 'that is a Llama'. She looked at me and said 'silly aunty Sara, that's a horse'. So we got into.. 'Llama', 'no, horse', 'it's a Llama', ' no, no, NO IT'S A HORSE!'. The logic was unarguable so I conceded defeat; 'ok, it's a very furry horse, with a long neck' and then I broke into the llama song..... llama, llama duck' (that'll teach those pesky know it all toddlers).

I am resting for the remainder of week 5 of my TT challenge and will get back into it with enthusiasm for week 6. I've been ill for about 3 weeks, with a day of feeling well interspersed at tantalising intervals to make me think I was over it. I tend to really hold off on going to the doctor because I like to let my body fight it off if it can, but after I woke up with a swollen throat and found I couldn't really hear anything, I decided I should go avail myself of the big guns and give those annoying bacteria the one-two of Amoxcyllin AND a super healthy diet. *pow, pow*

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  1. Glad you finally went to the Dr... ignoring a sore throat is dangerous... my hubby did that some years ago and ended up with Rheumatic Fever and in hospital for over a month and home for a further 3 months!!! Stoooopid man.


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