Monday, January 14, 2008

Learning stuff from those that know stuff

One of the things I am keen on this year is reading more, paying attention to what's there, and learning useful stuff from people that walk their talk. I think it's called 'investing in yourself'. So far this self-investment hasn't cost a lot. Today I found a most excellent interview conducted by Dax Moy with Alwyn Cosgrove. I'm quite addicted to podcast interviews. Listening to a persons voice allows you to pick up things that may not leap off the page, also you can ipod while driving and not get arrested. You can ipod surreptitiously at work. I got some really kickin' ass headphones for xmas from my little sister and they have the feature of fitting snuggly into your ear so that nearly all external noise is blocked. This makes for crystal clear sound quality, but you can't sing along because it's like trying to sing with your fingers in your ears (try it, you'll see what I mean, not the most enjoyable experience!). And, they are so good at blocking the regular chit-chat of the office that I have twice looked up and noticed three faces peering at me, waiting for me to answer a question...

So, ipodders, head over the Alwyns blog and download the interview with Dax Moy, right at the bottom of the post. It's over one hour long and is supposed to be about how to succeed as a fitness coach/trainer, but I think it heads along the lines of 'what is true success?', mixed in with quite a bit of two blokes just having a good yarn over the phone. Great listening, and of course, you can't beat a lovely Scottish accent for listenability.

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  1. Huh - synchronicity. I was just reading some of Dax Moy's writing yesterday.


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