Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For your reading pleasure

I thought I would duplicate my daily TT forum posts here for your voyeuristic reading pleasure as well as keeping up with my regular wafflings on. Of course, if you think these daily updates suck hairy ones, then just say and I'll stop it. Gosh, that's a lot of naughty innuendo for one paragraph...

I checked with CB that it's ok to post my workouts out here for the public, and he said it was absolutely fine by him, so feel free to just go ahead and copy me. Here we go then!

Day 37
Week 6, Day 2

I was a bit slow in my workout this morning and had to do my cardio in the evening. My wrist is slowing me down and I have to mess around with the exercises to find ones that don’t hurt. I went the physio yesterday for some forearm massage which might have been relaxing if it hadn’t been so ouchy. There is definite improvement but I don’t want to push it and do myself a serious nasty. To explain my choice of exercises, I cannot do anything where my palm is facing me (chin-ups, bicep curl) or where my wrist is in extension (push-up).

Wide Grip Pullup (assisted on the concentric) 3 x 6
Incline DB chest press on ball. 3 x 8 @ 7kg
Self supported DB row 3 x 10 @ 10kg
45degree delt press 3 x 12 @ 5kg
Regular pushups using DB as a grip 3 x 12. The decline version was a bit hard on the wrist. First set was on knees to test it out. Using the DB’s as a grip added the stimulus of having to stop the DB’s rolling outward. That’s gotta be good.
DB hammer curls 3 x 12 @ 5kg

20 mins advanced interval cardio on the stat bike.
It probably doesn’t mean much, but I do my rest intervals at ‘3’ on the dial, work intervals at ‘9’ (the highest that it goes) and warm-up/cooldown at ‘4’

30 mins pilates and stretching before bed. This is my new nighttime habit to get some real improvement in my lower back as I tend to stiffen up overnight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I feel like a little wussy girl with the weights I’m using at the moment. It’s actually very frustrating and makes me pout during my training, until I catch myself doing that in the mirror and realise I’m just having an unattractive childish tanty.

1. Amino mix during workout
2. Oats and eggwhites (henceforth to be called ‘oatwhites’). Heaps of raspberries
3. WPC shake in water, 6 x Omega 3 Fish Oil caps. I’m formulating a WPC today and this requires taste testing, no way around it.
4. Pumpkin pruffin, Moro Gold bar
5. Beef and bean chilli
6. Pumpkin Pruffin

Calories: 1600 P37% C38% F25%

Water: 3L
Espresso: 1 double shot (‘crank me up for my workout’ formulation)
6g Omega 3 fish oil.
Glucosamine 3 x 750mg
Workout mix, which contains: Arginine, 2 forms of Creatine, Taurine. I add Acetyl L Carnitine to this, primarily because the amino mix tastes like stinky @$$ and the ALC is flavoured and disguises it completely. ALC is good for my cardiovascular system and brain, but I don’t know if it helps with fatburning or not. Studies are inconclusive. And now you know (vaguely) what’s in my secret amino mix! It’s top secret, that info.


  1. Hi Sara,

    I've been inspired by your blog and have decided to enter the TT challenge as well. Lucky I checked out the TT website today as it was the last day yesterday ( our time) - I managed to squeak in by a few hours thanks to time zones. My question is - there is so many workouts to choose from - which one are you doing? I'm reasonable fit but haven't really done weights in a while. Any pointers before I jump in for my 12 weeks? Choice! misspip x

  2. Hi Misspip. I'm doing 2K3, which is obviously the version released in 2003. When you buy the basic version of TT you get a gazillion workouts to choose from. I just started from the front, skipped the beginners ones which looked too easy and got into it! I'll be changing again at the end of this week.

  3. Hell I have never even heard of Arginine, Creatine and Taurine!!!! Educate me! What are they???

  4. Hi Chris, The Arginine and Creatine are for muscle growth and strength. The Taurine is to increase enthusiasm for training. :O)

  5. I must need MASSES of Taurine then!!!


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