Thursday, January 10, 2008

A challenging week!

Ah, this week has had it all! Headaches, insomnia, fever, skipped workouts..... As it's my first week back in the office I can only conclude that I must be allergic to work. Unfortunately, as this all started last week, I must also be allergic to new years eve. I'm sure this little phase of feeling crappy will be over in a few days, and I'm trying to keep my positive head on and do what I can in terms of training. In the past, I would allow sickness to become an excuse for eating a ton of sugar, but lately I realise that nutrition is even more important when I'm not quite 100%, or even when I'm just really busy or stressed. All those things that used to present an easy out for letting the nutrition plan crash and burn are now just one more reason why I need to keep it together, Sara.
The main event in my 'spare' time this week is yet another round of 'head down, bum up' as I complete an Applied Sciences assignment. This paper seems to broadly cover everything.. from microbiology, to chemistry, to biology, to anatomy... I'm expecting an interesting exam! This particular assignment is about 10,000 short answer questions. Maybe less, but who's counting?
There are so many interesting things to blog about in the next week. For a start I finished reading The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl and need to rave on at length about it. Then, I'm still truckin' with the TT challenge and I just signed myself up for something called The Magic 100. For now I'd better stop blabbing and get my head back in those books!

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  1. 10,000 questions? oh my god, bugger that! Good luck!


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