Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's a sign!

I was just comptemplating the logistics of getting it together for DG's scavenger hunt, when my gaze fell on my pen caddy and I heard the sound of angels singing and realised it was a sign.

So that's my D and my G right there. AND I bought the tin in Edinburgh AND it's fudge.

Just in case it's not ok to use one pic for the D AND the G, I found another G. If I'd had some DAGOBA chocolate, that would have been double G's and double D's.. *heh, a few half laughs please for my sad attempt at bra humour*

And, onward!

One bald man

My sisters boyfriend. He is bald, you'll just have to trust me on this one.

One bicycle

I'm not really sure if this one counts because I took it when I was in Amsterdam, but I couldn't NOT use it. It's a conference bike just in case you didn't recognise it. I did have to hunt far and wide for the pic, set up a remote PC thing to get it and surf through 400 holiday snaps. I hope that counts as 'scavenger hunting'

Greek Yogurt

Costa is a local Greek man that makes the best yogurt and tzatziki. The blue pot on the top is the yogurt pot, but it's empty and has also been through the dishwasher a few times. I use it to carry my brazil nuts to work.


This has been posted here before. This is the business card of my butcher, Mark Banfield, whom is also a locally famous Elvis impersonator. It says meat so tender, meat so true.

Wedding Dress

Also a repeat posting. I'm not really 100% sure that this is a wedding dress, but they seemed like a bridal party and, for sure, it's blue (something borrowed, something blue..) and I think it would make a great wedding dress, no worries at all about fitting into it after all that cake.


There ya go. Over to you readers! Give it a go!


  1. oh that's fab! the fuDGe tin is particularly genius! :)

  2. Well... it was probably the best fudge I ever ate too. I bought two, one was for my Grandma.. allegedly.

  3. Congrats on the win, you lucky bugger!

    Now, when you get your copy of the book early, no spilling the beans about how it all ends, OK?



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